Robe Motel on Asos, bag H&M, shoes Amélie Pichard for Bata

Saturday, j & rsquo; was dressed like a little sugar stick… Wedding season started, and I believe that I & rsquo; have found my official uniform of & rsquo; year for this type of ceremony (perhaps because I & rsquo; had imposed scratches or peas at my wedding, I'm kind of stubborn me when I m & rsquo; put it)

And this weekend, c & rsquo; is in Rambouillet, in the town hall where we said yes l & rsquo; Vianney last year with the I & rsquo; have étrennée.

The ensuing stroll in the castle park was a treat, j & rsquo; had almost forgotten this place where I was walking when I & rsquo; was in high school (nice eh studies in front of & rsquo; a large presidential field !).