good plan

Hi p & rsquo; tites louloutes (nan c & rsquo; is not vulgar c & rsquo; s how I & rsquo; call my cat ).

I left you loose since Thursday without post, I did that & rsquo; a dirty ugly, then to be forgiven here is a good plan excluded :)

You know it, I'm working on Fashion fit. This year, we are partners of the show ready to wear paris, often wrongly overshadowed by the who Lounge & rsquo; s next, and there is 50 Free place to go there one day between 5 and the 8 September. C & rsquo; is a trade show very creative, I advise you, therefore d & rsquo; go for a walk.

To win a place, c’est simple, just d & rsquo; go to this page and follow the instructions (you will need & rsquo; have an account modepass). Voilouuu go zouuuuu !!


Last week I told you how I & rsquo; some had changed their lives, without telling you anything, because I reserved a little surprise you, and as the title & rsquo; indicates, it will interest you. Because if I told you what I & rsquo; had left, I was careful not to tell you what I did aujourd & rsquo; hui.
I work for a small agency with a wacky name : jam’s brain (génial, when I say everyone thinks I'm working for the late James brown). And my work takes currently in short : Fashion Pass. Even if I do lots of things, c & rsquo; is what occupies my days, and as there is in the way, I thought it would interest you and gentlemen mesdemoizelles (you hide you well, but I know that you are there).

Voilà, Fashion fit, c & rsquo; is the project I m ​​& rsquo; occupies, and also the one in which I participate with a nice team of bloggers who actively participated in its development, and for more d & rsquo; one month : Alix, Betty, Punkyb, Anne-so. Fashion Pass, c & rsquo; is a little international social networking site for fashion and beauty, where n & rsquo; anyone can simply create the page, without the need for s & rsquo; y know computer. And I think that you who read me, but n & rsquo; s not really have & rsquo; want to create a blog, you could surely want d & rsquo; y share your looks, your shopping cravings, your finds, your good fashion Address. J & rsquo; have so much to tell you about it, I might soon be boring, go rather take a little bit of & rsquo; look through ma page and whisked register on this address.
And as good news n & rsquo; never comes alone, to celebrate the release of modepass, we are all parts 5 last Saturday in London to bring you beautiful pictures, j & rsquo; as I usually have shot pretty romantic things, and my shop is always the same (of yum and pink). Enjoy !

Small tour all d & rsquo; first of portobello road side :

At the market (under the bridge), j & rsquo;'ve dug up this cute little pink dress, I will certainly show you more detail, scope :

L & rsquo; afternoon, c’était oxford street of course, and I & rsquo; my hands were too busy (by hangers) to take pictures. J & rsquo; have dug up these beautiful gems at Urban Outfitters :

As d & rsquo; hab at topshop j & rsquo; have floundered, too much for me, so I went to comfort me still robbing once marks & spencer bread to & rsquo; garlic, chips, cream of Devon, truffle, MIAAAAAU.

Enfin, to j & rsquo station, bought my now traditional jams peyton & Byrne, that are pure killing (simple but unrivaled, yes grandma, even your jams…).

More photos on my album proper fashion..