Heeled moccasins Asos, robe Asos, Asos socks – as you can see, j & rsquo; have not set foot in a shop since 6 mois !

This phone reminds me full of memories : c & rsquo; is & rsquo; when j & rsquo; have discovered ebay – c & rsquo; is to say ! J & rsquo; enchérissais all day on vintage phones, and this one c & rsquo; was my grail : un lady HPF blanc.

In truth I never phone, I hate that, few people have my number and the right to m & rsquo; call without my sighs. J & rsquo; not like that & rsquo; a call mind in what I'm doing unless c & rsquo; is someone & rsquo; a d & rsquo; large. At one time my answering even said : mail me ! A real wild…

With other c & rsquo; is worse : Nothing m & rsquo; more irritated when I'm in the company of someone & rsquo; a quiet drinking a glass to see the answer a phone wire lambda as if the person on the phone had priority over me – but I do not say anything and I keep it to myself, all his whims. But I & rsquo; feel like saying : Responders c & rsquo; not for dogs :p

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Taken l & rsquo; hotel of Luxembourg fountains