nose perfume

So, ok, the pun is zero, but it made me laugh, so let me laugh stupidly in my corner. So as the title says, j & rsquo; had lunch there shortly with a nose, and, and, someone & rsquo; one whose business is to feel things.

Not that I'm writing a thesis on the tastes and colors, but I work in a box where you meet a lot of people, and where precisely, there are “nose”.

I did get a sense of what any false trade that m & rsquo; still intrigued many, and I & rsquo; learned a lot of stuff. First, bon, I know c & rsquo; is zero, I m & rsquo; expecting lunch with someone & rsquo; one that would have a pretty nose…..fat…., it's stupid, but c & rsquo; was stronger than me.

Then, I thought that & rsquo; is born “nose”, that & rsquo; we knew what, that & rsquo; it was so sensitive to smells as occupation s & rsquo; required of himself. Mais non, c & rsquo; is like any, just d & rsquo; have a sensitivity and a natural attraction for odors to think make a career.

Much like the studies that I & rsquo; did finally : a small artistic sensibility, a good stroke of a pen, a hopla, the ride is far from & rsquo; be played, then we must do the studies that will enable you to develop his artistic sense. To nose c & rsquo; is the same, we learn a lot about the culture of smells, to distinguish, ie talk, etc… except that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there is very little & rsquo; schools offering this training, then c & rsquo; is as difficult & rsquo; enter than any other high school.

Bref, c & rsquo; is a profession that primarily s & rsquo; learn, and that, it m & rsquo; many surprised (I think I & rsquo; had read too much “the perfume”…).

But in fact, This m & rsquo; has most fascinated, c & rsquo; is that eventually, l & rsquo; smell is a sense that & rsquo; less is used, which one is the least receptive, the person that I & rsquo; had in front of me then was a small part of his brain more active than mine and above, It was another way of seeing things, or rather feel. Continue reading