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Combishort Asos, Topshop glasses

As we & rsquo; told our little Lying, The suburb in Melbourne, c & rsquo; is must, en particulier St Kilda Beach.

We had a free day, and chose d & rsquo; go walk there to discover that Melbourne & rsquo; she wanted us to discover.

The luna park built over there is apparently one of the oldest in the world, Lack of bowl c & rsquo; was closed, we had to settle for the front door and her mouth wide open.

There are some streets to explore on site : et Carlisle street et Acland street. Surtout Acland street, Kolala which had recommended a small turn at Monarch to test its pastries : cheesecake polonais et caramel slice. The while chatting with the owner a glass of lemonade in hand.

It explored the beach and Jetty, to take a little break after watching the birds and listening to the fish little blue penguins. Sweet day…

Then watered all d & rsquo; a good burger at Barney Hallen & rsquo; s (with chutney & rsquo; onion, beet, déliceux a steak and bacon) to finish at Laika jazz bar sipping the best cocktails in the area.

I will copy-paste at the end of every ticket expert advice on the corner of Kolala (that & rsquo; she knows inside out SINCE & rsquo; she lives there !) :

“St Kilda is one of the most famous suburb near Melbourne, known for its small beach at the unique sunset. I advise you d & rsquo; stay for the whole day. there are restaus for everyone

  • If you like homemade pastries is Acland Street & rsquo; dream location in St Kilda (terminus du tram 96) not more than 4 shops are competing on the street. j & rsquo; personally have a soft spot for monarch which makes caramel slices (caramel shortbread) and always with his cash register d & rsquo fund; time.
  • Luna Park and the oldest roller coasters in the world of dating 1912, it seems ?the wood being d & rsquo; origin. L & rsquo; entrance is free if you want to take a look & rsquo; eye. Park is lit up at night.
  • at sunset go down the pier to see the little blue penguins.
  • At a time jazz bar that houses a former wine cellar accessible by a spiral staircase recover d & rsquo; a French ship. The decor mixing the & rsquo; Art Deco Moroccan decor with some keys, all in a cozy atmosphere. The list of cocktails is & rsquo; one of the best in Melbourne.
  • For nothing like dinner & rsquo; a Barney Hallen’s which is divine burgers, j & rsquo; hope you n & rsquo; re not vegetarian. the burgers are also available in mini version!
  • after nightfall he m & rsquo; d & rsquo happens, go into the garden to give Katani slices of banana Aux bushy– J & rsquo; go there tonight d & rsquo; elsewhere !
  • level shopping in the & rsquo; intersection of Barkly Street and Carlisle Street there is a nice shop vintage and designer shopping. the 116 Carlisle street is the & rsquo; one of the largest areas of second hand clothes – profits are donated to the & rsquo; salvation army.”

Next destination : les whitsundays islands !

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Bitch in Paris combishort Asos, in a shop in Australia, OMG !

Hello everybody, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; time later. Although I confess : the surge d & rsquo; aggressiveness on my first post on Melbourne m & rsquo; has cooled, and brought straight to France and his incorrigible complainers who do not fail me.

I note with sadness that sometimes, where I'm just looking to have a little d & rsquo; humor and derision, some still prefer to see malice or contempt. Where I n & rsquo;'ve never claimed to show you more that & rsquo; a journey through my eyes, reproached me not to show d & rsquo; objectivity. If c & rsquo; is what you are looking for, I suggest you rather buy a book or a guide on & rsquo; Australia, because here there will of course question my vision of this destination, and selection of the m & rsquo; there please, c & rsquo; it is a blog, a concentrate of subjectivity…

Regarding my little joke about the French in keeping with hiking & rsquo; abroad, I had no doubt that & rsquo; in some it will scratch (but I m ​​& rsquo; cares, I do not try to have a discourse sweetened here), but I did not think d & rsquo; others take as badly. However, s & rsquo; there were so many reactions, c & rsquo; certainly I misspoke. I never mocked me real fighters, traveling with a simple backpack, and the bare minimum (non, these people I admire). What I'm talking, these are the people who travel & rsquo; s & rsquo abroad as they left for Koh Lanta, who are so afraid of foreign cities that & rsquo; s & they rsquo; dress like to confront hostile land where they will cross that sidewalks and crosswalks. I find it a shame, because they have the & rsquo; air to stay back, they fail to blend into the landscape, and people will less easily to them, it creates an invisible barrier. Fashion n & rsquo; therefore is not the question, not at all (I'm not so narrow d & rsquo; spirit still).

I live in a tourist area of ​​Paris I see this all the time. I think I have the right to find it ridiculous, and when they told me “who are you to judge ?”, j & rsquo; I want to answer : “and you, you never laugh at your neighbor ?”, let's be honest, we are all someone's cunt & rsquo; a, and n & rsquo; not because & rsquo; that mocked & rsquo; it is deeply contemptuous. So for the most surly, stop always take the bad side of things, to kick on every opportunity to lecture others, relax, laugh a little, you will feel good and live older ! I know I do not always answer in the comments kindly, the n & rsquo; is not very smart, but I & rsquo; wish the people s & rsquo; expressed here are more courteous (some manage very well there). I do not think that some dare speak to me like firsthand, No internet & rsquo; is not a jungle where s & rsquo; assaults, think about it !

For the rest, and people disappointed, I'm sorry if Melbourne n & rsquo; is a vast parade of kangaroos and d & rsquo; aborigines ! No L & rsquo; Australia is a Anglo-Saxon countries, there are shops restaurants and even toilets I swear !

We don & rsquo; unfortunately have not spent enough time (3 days) to really take the pulse of the city and discover deeper : concerts, le street art, etc… We tried & rsquo; enter into the most detail possible, but unfortunately it takes more time and knowledge place to really experience the city in its true light.

J & rsquo; imagine j & rsquo; have a vision of the journey really mine : j & rsquo;'d like to see the cities how people my age s & rsquo; y roam, where they go for a drink, what is their favorite spot to hang out with a book… I do not necessarily seek the & rsquo; exoticism, this n & rsquo; not my thing. J & rsquo; trying to best capture what those who live there are, sometimes j & rsquo; get there, sometimes j & rsquo; fails. Each vision of the journey.

Pfiou c’était long ! I know I should not justify myself, it changes nothing, If some have decided to take me for a little narcissistic bitch, nothing that I could say will not change anything.

Melbourne donc. It is pampered like princesses, and I & rsquo; am infinitely grateful, l & rsquo; tourist wants us to discover the best restaurants and spots of the city. So we gleaned a lot of & rsquo; address through them, and also thanks to the readers who sent us (I list at the end of ticket).

Our second day in Melbourne, we the & rsquo; have mainly spent doing the rounds of hidden cafes in the city center (avec notre guide de hidden secret tour) and pacing Chapel street.

On the & rsquo; learned through Fiona (our guide) : before people were not living in the city center, but in the suburbs, live is something d & rsquo; fairly recent. When small cafes, the most fun are a bit hidden, 2nd, 3Floor d & rsquo; a building, at the bottom of narrow streets… A real nice surprise when it discovers a random d & rsquo; a ride. We particularly liked “Captain of industry” where there is a coffee, a shop and a barber, a nifty concept : if you want to cross a little youth “connected” de Melbourne, c & rsquo; is where !

As a general rule, the style of the decor is pretty retro, and industrial. There are beautiful hardwood floors everywhere we go, des Meubles Chinese, unusual objects. Very in & rsquo; zeitgeist. The city as a little varnish slightly past, the paint is peeling carefully, a form of & rsquo; authenticity and stage set both, I really like.

We see everywhere the plates and retro posters French, and each time that & rsquo; an Australian chatted with us, it tests its French (we even spent, Random d & rsquo; a ride, 10 minutes in a private French class…). It therefore feels welcome, this country is a true land of & rsquo; welcome for French (and other nationalities I don & rsquo; no doubt).

As to Chapel Street, were discovered owls shops : a lot of shops like “Emmaus” and small flea markets. A little less picturesque than Brunswick street, but just as nice. Arise in a cafe, drink chocolate with marshmallows and watch the people passing in the street…

The pool of “Olsen” above the street…

Some owls particularly Address :

Centre ville :

– Cumulus inc & Cutler & Co : yum yum, influences “French” shoulder and d & rsquo; test absolutely lamb.
– The deanery : very nice restaurant, a little chic.
– Manchester Press : very nice cafe at the bottom of & rsquo; an alley
– Gills Diner : great pastry & pub
– Captain of industry : see above
– Retro star : great thrift
– Lady Petrova : pretty girly dresses shop

Chapel street :

– Our hotel : The olsen, quite luxurious, but super nice with a pool above the street, nice souvenir !
– Steer bar & Grill : The restaurant of our Hotel, best steak of my life !
– Shappere : boutique vintage, nice selection of boots and T-shirts.
– Woodworm & Graham : a great curiosity cabinet so shop
– Chapel street Bazaar : grand bazaar vintage

Next post on St Kilda, beach and palms ! Sunny kisses wolves ptits !

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Melbourne : la ville cool & vintage…

After a looooong trip (28h in total if you count the changes & rsquo; aircraft), we arrived in Melbourne.

Not without incident, Alix having failed to bring a banana on the floor Australian… You stash ! A banana ! (I'm kidding eh, I understand the worries eco thing, but it seemed so disproportionate that grave before the customs bananas…).

I don & rsquo; have ever had an enjoyable flight, not only, Australian company Qantas is nice (fluffy pillows, no blankets chick, Service with onions, and Häagen dazs cookies as a snack…), but in addition the flight n & rsquo; was not complete, we could s & rsquo; lie like pashas with 3 seats each.
It n & rsquo; s a & rsquo; casually like that, but 22h flight between London and Melbourne Matters. J & rsquo; was a little scalded by this summer our flight on Air Tahiti nui 22h with 3 rotten films seats not oversize. When you travel so long, it really should not try to Low trust me…

Bref ! It is in Melbourne and the city, people, Australian culture is a joy. Here c & rsquo; is the end of the & rsquo; summer, everyone says that & rsquo; it's cold, mais has been, all is relative. We are glad to walk in robes and ballerinas so that & rsquo; we still had our coats in Paris.

L & rsquo we had; opportunity to meet some of our compatriots, easily recognizable by their sweat and fleece Quechua hiking shoes… In town yes, like always, as s & rsquo; they were going to climb a mountain. I always wonder where they stored their canteen and compass. Ha ha ! I do not care, c & rsquo; is not nice eh ? No, but you can not find it ridiculous you ? me if !


Some impressions like that loose :

– Australians are Rhhhhhhrrrr !
– The meat rips his mom
– The French definitely has class, So it goes well :)

Our first day was a huge walk randomly cross streets in the city center. Special mention for small streets “Degraves street” GPO via the arcade, so pretty !

Melbourne City Center

We don & rsquo; has not yet understood why but we see butterflies everywhere…

Some addresses in the city center :

Our hotel – Hotel Lindrum
A pretty lingerie shop : Smitten Kitten
All “Degraves street”
The block arcade and its lovely shops
GPO – for shopping

– – –

Brunswick street

Then, through our little angel of the Web Lying who gave us his best addresses in town, we made all the “Brunswick street”, which seems to be THE place to be to eat, have a drink, to shop in Melbourne.

I don & rsquo; recalled Broolyn, both in the & rsquo; mood in & rsquo; architecture. On a mitraillé, l & rsquo; place was so nice.

-To Qype c & rsquo; is simple : whole street ! With a small crush on a small vintage shop at the far end : Fitzroy (422 Brunswick street)-

And otherwise… People are super open and welcoming, we are still surprises. We don & rsquo; s no & rsquo; habit, we, Paris, and discuss with everyone that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; astonishes every conversation with a stranger. Paris really benefit from to emulate the Anglo Saxon…

L & rsquo; Australia is indeed the land of “cool” as s & rsquo; there was prepared, j’espère que nos photos (who sometimes risk d & rsquo; to be the same, we always are blocking the same stuff) make you want to plan a trip towards Melbourne soon.