I often receive emails or comments that cause me a lot of questions about the photo. Qu’on se la dise, I'm a novice photographer than I am especially phase & rsquo; learning, I hack, je test, j & rsquo; listen to those who know…

But I told myself that answer once and for all to the most frequently asked questions, and also to share what I & rsquo; learned well, it could be interested in some. D & rsquo; where this little note…

Talking d & rsquo; first gear, what you usually ask me being “c & rsquo; is it your device ?”

My opinion on this is quite positive I think for those who n & rsquo; not really afford d & rsquo; invest in large equipment : have a good camera c & rsquo; is, have ideas and a look c & rsquo; is better :) J & rsquo; read I do not know where recently “buying a nikon doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a nikon owner”, that's so true… It n & rsquo; there is nothing that m & rsquo; more angry than guys (yes they are often sorry guys) who have pro gear with 15 goals and that always lay you pictures tasteless. C & rsquo; even so ridiculous sometimes : a real dick contest the guys with their goals.

Oui, equipment, c’est (my course level) least important. To make good pictures we must first think about it and the framing and spend some time on pictures rather than A & rsquo; make 10 Burst. J & rsquo; have long used on this blog a compact little stupid sony. And what's nice c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; & rsquo with j & rsquo screen, could really learn to be consistent, I was testing : c & rsquo; is really a very good way d & rsquo; learn. Now j & rsquo; have a digital SLR Canon 450D entry (although my compact is still in my bag; It has a bunch of & rsquo; other benefits).

Then, Question details, “how you do the blur in your photos ?”

J & rsquo; have a small lens that costs just € 100 which allows me d & rsquo; achieve this effect, due to the fact that & rsquo; called shallow depth of field. C & rsquo; is a fixed lens : 50mm f/1,8. For this low depth of field I put a large opening (f/1.8).
But with my little compact I can also m & rsquo; approach this effect using macro mode (the little flower) on certain of these photos par exemple, you can test.

Enfin, how I take my photos, “Is what I & rsquo; have a pro photographer ?”

I must say that there it m & rsquo; a good laugh, and my fiance could do fiérot, because c & rsquo; often it takes my picture. In fact I make my photos in many different ways. For all those where I do not appear j & rsquo; use either foot with an infrared remote control (20€ fnac) like here, my fiance is d & rsquo; love (sorry the stock is exhausted at the FNAC). And take pictures both believe me c & rsquo; is not always clear, j & rsquo; often have a very specific idea in mind of the picture I want, so, I was shooting myself with him in the picture, and then I will take his place (often when in paris), either I make him take 1.000 pictures, saying as and measured : rightmost, closer, less light, BLA bla bla, and s & rsquo; usually softly approach of what I want (typically, photos of the doll). That & rsquo; he is patient with his chieuse my lover…
And then the rest of the time, ben… I take myself, I still moves a lot to find the right frame (my goal m & rsquo; it forces many, the good thing is).

You notice, I didn & rsquo; not dwell too much on the post processing of my photos, since I usually reworks like a pig, I think I n & rsquo; have lessons to give anyone…

Voilou voilou… If you have any questions that I can answer beasts go, if not, I advise you to register on the site Lense and d & rsquo; lense go participate in some parts where I & rsquo; I myself learned a lot of things.