Under the beard, there is skin and it needs to be addressed she told me one day.
At the beginning, I therefore refourger "tricks for the skin".

– "Oh darling, a moisturizer. »
– " More, what is it for ? »
– « Bah ! A hydrate ! »
– « … »
– "More you, when it feels tight after shower ! »
– « Ok, I see. »

– "This is the scrub"
– "To scratch the face ? »
– "This is to remove dead skin ! You should use this before your cream, for what penetrates. »
– " If you say so… "

Au début, I used it occasionally, when I saw the bottle and she told me to put my cream. But in fact, I discovered this winter it's the little things very well. I advise you today:
– scrub the face T PUR ;
– moisturizing and energizing cream High Recharge ;
– for those like me who are a little (even much) Palotai, the powder Badger Power Bronze
– and in addition once a week to make a mask with white clay to purify T PUR skin.
I know all these products come from Biotherm but I do not work for them (we do not have in the pharmacy where I work). I've tested different brands and even if the level of the active compounds all brands offer approximately the same, Biotherm products texture is really nice.

But what I can advise you what is best to avoid excessive sun exposure : it messes up the skin including the desiccant, but especially that of melanoma file (skin cancers) whose incidence has doubled in the space of 20 years old. And believe me, right now I work inInstitut Curie, Cancer is a real dirt.