[imagebrowser=150] Hiiiiiiiiiii, that's it, I am more dirty humor, enjoy in ! Today & rsquo; hui c & rsquo; therefore a small colorful ticket, d & rsquo; love and gnan gnan !

It's been a while since I wanted to write about the holy stone market, but I did not want to do without a few pictures, so I went there go around again. Like all Paris, I will never stroll me in tourist corners, especially not in Montmartre but here, c & rsquo; was for a good cause.

I always start like everyone else, on Dreyfus, j & rsquo; love up to all floors, listen the floor creaking, m & rsquo; marvel at the new printed, subjects, wince before the ignoble fabrics & rsquo; inside, snooping in tissues promo, admire the patchwork fabrics sorted by color….

J & rsquo; s love & rsquo; ambience, we came across people from d & rsquo; backgrounds who are there to make a tablecloth, curtains, a costume for their kid…

To find everything, c & rsquo; therefore I'm going to Dreyfus. To haberdashery and the magnificent Liberty fabrics, I go to Queen (and a lot of small creative will provide over there I think) : Avoid buying a bomb in the small shops of the marsh, the liberty almost always comes from Queen.

Malheureusement, I do not know very well all the other little shops around, but I & rsquo; have a small project to be implemented, I will return soon and look at this more closely… To be continued….