In makeup, I always play sober, natural. From time to time I hit me and I huuuuge delirium doll plays well with me pink blush and mascara to the bottom lashes, whaaaaa I'm too adventuress !

In reality, I do not make up me like this by choice, Truth c & rsquo; is that I am a true inning with a make-up brush. Pourtant, j & rsquo; have learned to handle this kind of & rsquo; d & school tool rsquo; s, but on paper c & rsquo; is nevertheless easier than on my eyelids. So I don & rsquo; never dare to get into color, the true.

So when I & rsquo;'ve discovered the next Lancôme collection “declaring indigo” presented by Aaron de Mey (la rock star, Iggy Pop makeup), j & rsquo;'m open my eyes and ears. The blue make-up that m & rsquo; has always fascinated, d & rsquo; first because since the time that & rsquo; repeating myself : “no blue on blue eyes” (what is wrong), it gave him a small taste d & rsquo; prohibits friendly. And then I find that c & rsquo; is a truly mesmerizing color (and it would be helpful anyway d & rsquo; just hypnotize people with the & rsquo; eye shadow :D).

But unfortunately for you, I did that & rsquo; a small lopette, I don & rsquo; have not dared to ask an egg makeup indigo blue. And unfortunately for me, even observing the techniques of makeup I don & rsquo; still have not understood how to properly put on an eyelid color.


I find it very frustrating indeed the makeup, c & rsquo; is a work d & rsquo; artist, you have to know to ask the shadows and lights like a real designer, sculpting with color, knowing every detail of & rsquo; framing her face to pass something right. We must also accept to go through stages where c & rsquo; is atrocious, where was the & rsquo; & rsquo air; a large pouffe (c & rsquo; is where I give and I take everything in general) before polishing work.

As j & rsquo;'m barely know how to properly ask a light touch, l & rsquo; eyeshadow c & rsquo; not for now. I will continue to dream of the blue without ever putting…

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He he, it's getting damn hot there, I can no longer remain stashed under my cushy slim c & rsquo; fishy ! My bidet gams in complexion and I were well embêtées when the thermometer climbed to…

Car si I claim loudly Right d & rsquo; d be white like a stamp & rsquo; aspirin, I'm not crazy, j & rsquo; have noticed that tanning well refines the thigh and calf fuselle. So I set about that damn tanning last week after emptying my carton & rsquo; d & rsquo affairs was, as a small summer ceremony.

As I DIE-TESTED sun as much as Madame Mim, you can imagine that for me UV c & rsquo; is the same (or worse), j & rsquo; so I only solution for the & rsquo; autobronzant…

Hey hey hey I can see you sniggering, you think I'll tell you how I missed it, how I am forced me to wear jeans again for a week because of misplaced welts. Well not at all, first for me j & rsquo; have assured !

C & rsquo; because for once I don & rsquo; have not used n & rsquo; anything you see : j’avais un tube “summer legs” home HR (I do no repeats, you know that c & rsquo; is my heart brand). And this self-tanner has the right idea d & rsquo; be stained, result : we see that we forgot to go and where s & rsquo; level dropped a little amount. Impossible to miss, I am RA-Thérèse LIFE !

And then, with my thighs roasted j & rsquo; s had & rsquo; thin air ! My porcelain complexion n & rsquo; was not really fitting. Once again, c & rsquo; is a small miracle product from HR that m & rsquo; saved her.

As I'm not a fanatic foundation, j & rsquo; always mix a little with my day cream for tinting slightly, you l & rsquo;'ve probably done. The result n & rsquo; not buzz but I & rsquo; & rsquo have the, less pale air. The small tube of color to mix at HR is just made for it : c & rsquo; is a kind of pigment concentrate that & rsquo; can be mixed with the cream. J & rsquo;'ve tested, and I & rsquo; finally get the result I'm looking for a long time.

Du coup, j & rsquo; have the connection with the calves cheeks without going through the foundation box, parfait !

P.S : This n & rsquo; is not a sponsored ticket. J & rsquo;'m a bit fed up that & rsquo; m is & rsquo; to accuse disguised pub, I hate the principle of sponsored posts, I don & rsquo; never do. J & rsquo; like a product, a brand > j & rsquo; speaks, point.


If you followed all the previous episodes you know that I & rsquo; have worked for 1 year 1/2 in the & rsquo; Oreal, luxury products division at. All this time, j & rsquo; have held various positions (VRP, trop bien…, then Designer ouf !) within the brand Helena Rubinstein.

And this brand, c & rsquo; has become my favorite brand makeup. Not that I & rsquo; have suffered brainwashing and skull jams, but because I & rsquo; have had & rsquo; opportunity to test a lot of products in the & rsquo; Oreal, of all luxury brands (Lancôme, Armani, Biotherm, etc…) and those who still inhabit my bookshelves are those in HR. For a long j & rsquo; & rsquo have refused; make the & rsquo; apology here, to avoid it out for a post pub for the brand for which I worked, but now the problem since I work elsewhere (ah want, I no longer works for either modepass, I'll talk soon).

I do not know if you know a little l & rsquo; history of this brand, but it is quite exciting.

Ms. Rubinstein was the first to commercialize care creams that & rsquo; it manufactured in the kitchen and in the & rsquo; back room of the pharmacy where she worked in Australia. She had a very beautiful skin despite the sun, and had the & rsquo; idea of ​​selling his care to all those who asked her beauty secret.

Then she opens a shop in Melbourne, several in England, a Paris rue Saint Honoré, in the US and several, thus recovering quickly at the head of & rsquo; a big deal, One of the first major brands of cosmetics (face à Elisabeth Arden et Estee Lauder).

It is the & rsquo; & rsquo origin; many d & rsquo; innovations in skincare and makeup : she invented the first “tube” mascara and version “waterproof” (before he appeared in a small pot in which spat…) which is d & rsquo; moreover always marketed by brand, a real little gem vintage (the “long lash”).

It also introduces the first self-tanner, the first moisturizing and is the first to advance the concept of “skin type”.

And, surtout, she had the & rsquo; intelligence to think that beauty, it is deserved and that & rsquo; he had to eat healthy (which was a fairly new idea in & rsquo; time). She was organizing “beauty class” where she taught women how to take care of & rsquo; and they liked to say : “it n & rsquo; there are no ugly women, it n & rsquo; is as lazy women”.

She has lived all over the world, known and rubbed the greatest artists of his time as Picasso and c & rsquo; was a real woman & rsquo; affair. A legend even says that & rsquo; she had just sold his business before the crisis 29 for then buy for a pittance.

J & rsquo; loved all those little stories that make this brand a legend. Malheureusement, like the world of cosmetics n & rsquo; is that “marketing” aujourd’hui, c & rsquo; is a brand that not suffer badly in France and that few people under 40 years finally know. For those so inclined, HR products here that I & rsquo; uses absolutely EVERY day and I could not live without :


– Le mascara Lash queen : j & rsquo;'ve tested many mascaras, but this one is by far the best, it thickens, lengthens and curls the lashes like no other.

– The Makeup color clone : it unifies without “masque” with an ultra-natural finish, I just finally let go of my bare minerals for him.

– The foundation Spectacular : when I go in the evening, or when I want my makeup absolutely takes all day until late evening. It makes a super bright and natural complexion.

– Le collagenist lip zoom : made all soft lips, Gently plumped without stinging, to effect a “bitten lips” with a red, c & rsquo; is perfection.

– La crème de soin skin life repair : j & rsquo; have dry skin, who shoots and kills me l & rsquo; winter… this care without perfume (Finally, if, it smells a little baby) for very dry skin lifesaver.

I'll spare you the rest, that I & rsquo; also uses (the Reds, gloss, crayons, eyeshadows, etc…) they are tops, but the 4 products above are to me real must-have !