You could thank me for the sun that & rsquo; we had last week. Not because they are my coat blow incantations marshmallow, necklaces pastel skirt and summer as the sun pointed the tip of his nose c & rsquo; is safe…

This small coat m & rsquo; gave Spring cravings, and makes this buy picnic dress. In the window at H&M, I l & rsquo; have not even watched, all ironed that & rsquo; she was, but once clap cloth and store it in the m & rsquo; s done a damn & rsquo; eye : not the season ? Tant pis, I wear it with heaps d & rsquo; thicknesses below, a skirt and wool tights (c & rsquo; is that it keeps you warm buttocks damn it all…) Laura Ingals, leave my body !








– Coat Paul & Joe sister, robe H&M, Princess tam tam socks, Etam richelieues –

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J & rsquo; am quite aware that my style is currently a ridiculous hair (ok, a tuft !). But I & rsquo; have whipped cravings, dresses of soft toys that spin : spring I’m waiting ! C & rsquo; this is a little coat that m & rsquo; was crossing a line, since I stroll in pink ladurée I don & rsquo; longer afraid of anything or anyone, j & rsquo; have even emerged that necklace bought in Bali and unworn for its small side “doll”.

*C & rsquo; is the charming name m & rsquo; gave Jennine, miss coveted that I & rsquo; have met last week, thank you j & rsquo; loved comparison :)