Non, look no pictures of me naked… The third held n & rsquo; is not that of & rsquo; ève. Third held it n & rsquo; there will be no, I rest my little sick body.

Yes Yes, you have had to laugh at your beard, j & rsquo; bronchitis had a stinker last week. I l & rsquo; had well sought, and a nice fairy has decided to realize my wish for my birthday : I wanted to be sick, j & rsquo; have been served, well done for me, on ! And when I & rsquo; think about it, c & rsquo; certainly for the photo shoot of the small night Bird, robounette by 0 ° in which I & rsquo; have nabbed it.

I think I n & rsquo; had not been sick like that since my 12 years at least, I do not even remember that c & rsquo; d & rsquo was that; have fever. The doctor m & rsquo; a more well done pinball downright suspecting pneumonia : “back Saturday if it is not better, we make a chest X-ray” o_O

So yes, p & rsquo; tite fairy has done its job, s it & rsquo; s not fucking my mouth microbes level : c’était horrible, tiresome, but all çaaaaa…

…But I maintain that even if c & rsquo; is painful, ultimately being sick and stay warm during 5 days, forced by my fiance to DO NOTHING, well me it m & rsquo; has oddly rested. As I m & rsquo; & rsquo j bored, did a little comparison chart of pros and cons :

– Pas glop : blow your nose, cough, trembloter, swallowing large tablets like the thumb so that & rsquo; it has a sore throat (What assholes these industrial Medoc), sleeping too much trouble, look like Steve Buscemi, to be hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, doing nothing….

– Swig : have a lover who cares for you (even if it not kidding for taking meds), who will buy you p & rsquo; tits juice, that makes you a soup, that will look EVERYTHING you ask him your trembling voice, having a sister who also goes s & rsquo; care of you, Mater Disney all day (hacuuuuna matataaa, This rêêêêêve bleuuuuuuu, etc), calinous to make her cats, remain under a big all warm quilt , not to go face the icy wind outside, stay at home (yes I am a homebody j & rsquo; adoooore be home), doing nothing…

Avantage drink donc, but hey I will not even when this all the time, I m & rsquo; bored quickly, and c & rsquo; is not all there but I & rsquo; have fallen behind in the & rsquo; purchase of Christmas gifts with my bullshit me !