? All photos are by Marianne Taylor ?

J & rsquo; was very talkative in my last post. I do not know why but this beautiful day, the memories that I & rsquo; have the best printed are those of the morning preparations.

Arriving at the town hall, j & rsquo; started getting lost in the whirlwind of smiles, kisses and I & rsquo; have struggled to fix my attention so I & rsquo; was moved.

We had a little cheated on & rsquo; time of the ceremony on le carton d’invitation to avoid delays (Champions were among family and friends), gnarf gnarf… It's 30 °, everyone expects us quietly in a corner of & rsquo; shadow on the steps of the Town Hall.

I see that most people have played the game of my super dress code c & rsquo; s funny to see how everyone s & rsquo; coupled to it. My two grandmothers are l & rsquo; a pea, l & rsquo; another striped. Girls are mostly dressed in pea, and their men marinières or striped ties and shirts.

I am looking for my man Eye, He's there, smiling, all beautiful in his bespoke suit, in & rsquo; comfortable in his sneakers as always. Clic clac, I make a small pola !

Hardly time to do a round of kisses, we are called by the & rsquo; Deputy Mayor. Gniiiiiiiiiii this is it, I'm the one who masters but in fact I almost peed on me. Everyone rises s & rsquo; install in the pretty dining wedding the town of Rambouillet as we await with witnesses.

We climb the stairs as the first notes of all you need is love Beatles begin to resonate in the cage d & rsquo; staircase (and the first notes, c & rsquo; is Marseille). In my father's arms, I don & rsquo; lead off (and it either) so that time is moving.

The Beatles – All you need is love

On entre au moment du refrain, I was so intimidated that I hide my nose with my bouquet (Vui, When I'm intimidated, I hide my nose). Vianney m & rsquo; waiting before the big office, with that great smile that never left him.

C & rsquo; is & rsquo; time administrative speeches, reading articles. BLA bla bla… I don & rsquo; have heard NOTHING, small dunce marriage, I spent my time watching my sister who was holding crying, Vianney who was listening to 2, my parents sitting together (20 years I n & rsquo; had not seen it)…

J & rsquo; waiting my turn to say yes.

What I & rsquo; did in a small almost inaudible cry escape leaving a tear. La loose, beside me Vianney always notable progress. D & rsquo; as much as j & rsquo; have struggled to put his alliance, bravo !

And this ugly Deputy mayor who wanted to let us go without a kiss. J & rsquo; heard rumbling in the ranks, there was no question that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; not kiss the bride (yes I know we don & rsquo; was not in & rsquo; but even church).

And bam ! Non mais Oh !

There you go, we were married. It flies the town, barely 20 minutes and pfiouuuu c & rsquo; was completed. C & rsquo; s funny d & rsquo; be a little leading roles time d & rsquo; day, all these people who come to congratulate you…

J & rsquo; took a few minutes to immortalize myself the room of the Town Hall with my instax, and was spun out to be sprayed soap bubbles.


Yeah we like being kisses :)

…to be continued