Topshop-jersey-suite bathroom
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Swimsuit Topshop, short Topshop, Lunettes Jimmy Fairly, coco cream Hawaian Tropic (c & rsquo; this stuff is life !)

Because that & rsquo; there is. It had been years (even decades old but it spins a fucking shot to say this so we will stay on “years”) I don & rsquo; had not set foot in the south for holidays (Uzès).

C & rsquo; s funny because c & rsquo; is during holidays that I realize that I & rsquo;'ve changed a lot in recent years. I, who did not put his nose to the sun (teen I was walking in my briefcase with a hat and a sarong – my sister m & rsquo; called “Dark Vador à la plage”) j & rsquo; have pleasure in feeling some heat on my skin (not s & rsquo; m & rsquo; spreadable 3 d & rsquo layers; sunblock course). I, who did not put a toe in & rsquo; water (j & rsquo; was decidedly not very funky willy) I make bombs in the pool.

I'm so cool that more & rsquo; to 20 years it gives me bananas.