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Blouse Sugarhill Boutique, short Asos, sandales Asos, Asos Glasses (I'm in & rsquo; originality), vernis kiko

I don & rsquo; not especially like Eddy Mitchell, yet this girl with eyes the color of mint in & rsquo; water remains a special vacation memory enough for me.

I had 12 years and I had d & rsquo; have a horrible accident in Crete, I was in the hospital without my family before an operation accompanied by very beautiful GO club where we were. He repeated this song to the evening show but it clearly does not go up on stage. Then he sang to me only me in the hallway of the hospital where everybody urged him not.

For the & rsquo; teen blue flower that I & rsquo; n & rsquo it was, was not nothing. J & rsquo; was almost pleased & rsquo; have had this accident for the chance to live this scene worthy & rsquo; a romantic comedy.

Whenever I & rsquo; hear the words “mint in & rsquo; water” j & rsquo; and I think mice are.


? With the best riders ?

Hihaaaaa j & rsquo; have full aches and feet but all is well. J & rsquo; have since banana 2 days, thanks to all the kind messages of & rsquo; birthday received since Saturday (thank you) and also thanks to the best night of the & rsquo; year : the Surpat’ bal de promo Friday night.

Imagine men in suits, leaning on the bar so mad men, girls with dresses that turn, du twist et du rock’n roll, in one of the prettiest rooms Paris. Pretty awesome, it was like the magic of dancing mermaid, with some unfortunate lookes not as a Marty McFly just down from his Delorean.

It n & rsquo; there is not enough fancy dress in Paris, c & rsquo; is a pity ! Spend the evening to prepare before with friends & rsquo; go dancing c & rsquo; really nice. J & rsquo; desire for that many Londoners !

For the & rsquo; OCCAZ j & rsquo; had pulled my tutu dress, embellished with a few slips (whaaaa it keeps warm her mother), gloves vintage family, the large knot ponytail knot, and ballerinas to dance up & rsquo;. in the morning *

C & rsquo; was perfect, strongly next ! (For those who missed it, you can improvise a surpat’ home with compilations of the Kgibi & rsquo; s sur soundcloud).

*Au passage : lots of kisses to readers who m & rsquo; shyly said hello to Surpat & rsquo;, I don & rsquo; never have anything intelligent to respond well when you come talk to me but the heart is !

Photo Edwood