Light photo, c & rsquo; is the sinews of war : no good light, no good photo. By purchasing a super bright lens (50mm f / 1.8 for those interested) I spared myself some hassles on that side, c & rsquo; it was already.

And lately, I don & rsquo; & rsquo had that; an obsession : get a warm light, have lights halos, a warm and light atmosphere both. My first tests, I l & rsquo;'ve done for photo shoot under the bridge at sunset : not easy, mostly I don & rsquo; & rsquo was getting that; an ugly against the light. J & rsquo; so I blithely cheated in post processing by fiddling the levels and colors, but I do not despair d & rsquo; d get one day & rsquo; as beautiful pictures that my little fellow flickr.

Credits : #1 dreams by Lexie Kolosky, #2 It’s over yet I remember first day that I saw your face by ?Mayu?, #3 into the light {at home in the light} by Blue Algae Creative, #4 Miss Vicky by Aveling, #5 untitled by Sasha Nikitin, #6 untitled by gridlines, #7 untitled by Margaret Durow, #8 Aura by Laney Butler, #9 .. by fiercebloom, #10 untitled by Olivia Bee, #11 feelings by {peace&love?}, #12 thesefeatheredbreaths by yyellowbird.

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