Ashley Smith – Hotel Amour

At the beginning of & rsquo; summer, j & rsquo; did a nice meeting around & rsquo; s cocktail & rsquo; Love Hotel : Ashley Smith who was in Paris for the launch of the new perfume Diesel which it is & rsquo; muse.

J & rsquo; had super stupid questions to ask, j & rsquo; was pretty intrigued by this young woman capable of & rsquo; embody a little doll as the sexiest and the most common male fantasies. Almost intimidated…

As j & rsquo; had imagined, she above all & rsquo; & rsquo air; a simple young girl in this little bar with his leather jacket and hat. Finally simple… When looked it can not s & rsquo; help thinking how much life must be different when we face such a d & rsquo; angel.

J & rsquo; had really wanted to know what it's like to 20 years & rsquo; be selected by a brand for muse, that & rsquo; one feels when one receives THE phone call that changes lives. Reassuring ? Disappointing ? Ashley has just jumped a cry in the car where it was then that & rsquo; one of her friends at her side, almost sulking his pleasure. J & rsquo; & rsquo like that; it tells me these little moments of happiness.

C & rsquo; was the first time I think I spent so much time arguing with a girl as pretty, j & rsquo; was almost hypnotized, I even surprise at a time to stop the & rsquo; so listen j & rsquo; admired the perfection of her face.

I always wonder if life is easier when one is really beautiful, not just cute, really beautiful, to the point that people s & rsquo; stop in the street, are turning systematically, you stare… Ashley didn & rsquo; has not responded, she just smiled showing his famous teeth of happiness.