new life

I will l & rsquo; have laché, innocently like that in a post, without thinking of it as your curiosity attiserai. My life has changed somewhat in recent months, and I'm in a very nice turn. Alors ? Ready for a moment of pure 3615 ma life ?

When I & rsquo; started this blog, I was a student, j & rsquo; had plenty of time, I did 2-3 posts per day (glurp !). And I & rsquo; got my first job, j & rsquo;'ve talked many times here, but always codenames, j & rsquo; was hesitant to & rsquo; then my blog due respect to my employer. The first job was a pretty huge thing I n & rsquo; have never thought like that get in the output of & rsquo; school : j & rsquo; have been hired as a designer at the & rsquo; Oreal to luxury products division. J & rsquo; was pretty impressed with people, le job, salary, the benefits and I see myself working there a while, becoming a sort of & rsquo; executive woman like in the movies.

Yes but no, j & rsquo; was not in a movie but on earth with an interesting job but certainly stressful, using, with process of work and decisions demotivating. After d & rsquo; a year, despite the fact that I was working with an extra team, j & rsquo; s had a bit & rsquo; feel me “Tabs” Creatively speaking, I m & rsquo; bored, the days were growing longer to go. Then I told myself that I & rsquo; had a real choice to make, you know, Cornelian choice of these or you d & rsquo; one side a big reassuring highway, although arrow, Pepere finally, and l & rsquo; another a small way attractive but poorly defined, can be risky (whaaaa s’t’image, pffff).

J & rsquo; d had & rsquo; one side the opportunity to make a pretty good career, with beautiful proposals from HRD, mutual, a canteen of death, cosmétos of blackjack and the & rsquo; another incredible desire d & rsquo; go for a ride elsewhere, Story not be completely formatted, and stuck somewhere for a bunch of & rsquo; benefits.

And I & rsquo; have met some crazy people, fell from the sky one morning in my mailbox, with interesting and energy projects that m & rsquo; rained. A small friendly agency, l & rsquo; d & rsquo total opposite, a big machine like & rsquo; Oreal, and even if c & rsquo; was a little rough, j & rsquo; & rsquo have decided, go give it a shot, d & rsquo; listen to my desires as reason.

Since two months, j & rsquo; therefore really changed life, I do a lot of different things that fill me and even if I & rsquo;'ve finally much work that & rsquo; before, je m’ 10X breaks. And, one that m & rsquo; has recruited had the & rsquo; intelligence to leave me an afternoon off per week that allows me to m & rsquo; aerate & rsquo; spirit, to again exhibitions, to work on projects chars… In passing, notice to all employers who travailller creative, free time n & rsquo; is never time wasted believe me !! On a besoin d’air !

A little early to know if I & rsquo; have made the right choice, but for the moment, I am on a path that I like…

Voilà, you know (almost) tout..