I can ask myself tranquillou my couch with a steaming tea to read a bunch of cool stuff lying around on my table right now :

Guinea fowl living in Paris : J & rsquo; started to peck here and there in the book and I'm in love. No doubts, I became in the & rsquo; space 7 a true Parisian years, and c & rsquo; s good & rsquo; laugh. Qype, portraits and charming small pikes are to discover d & rsquo; emergency.

211 ideas to become a bright girl : what do you mean ? I j & rsquo; buy a book because the coverage is pretty…pfffff…. Bon ok, but then c & rsquo; was too pretty, and I liked the title. Not that I & rsquo; & rsquo have needs, learning to be bright, I see absolute perfection. Not like that I can add to my knowledge many talents bonuses, because I know how to dance with a man smaller than me (will find the d & rsquo; first !), how to get a ready flat for flat house (that's good I never kitchen), how to manage an umbrella caught in the wind (yes c & rsquo; m is idiot but it & rsquo; really interests), ou encore how to strangle a man with my thighs (if I want to become a spy hired killer).

Living shit : I giggled so much on the site vdm, Hidden behind my screen when I worked at the & rsquo; Oreal, that when I & rsquo; saw that the book came out adorned with drawings Pénélope I don & rsquo; could not resist, because if c & rsquo; is nice to laugh at yourself, laugh at others it's still a must !

Good Sunday to all :)