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* Dress Asos, Asos Heels *, Tabio tights *, manteau Asos, RED COLOR RICH'S Doutzen *, Asos floral pouch *

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Okay so you have all asked me what it looked situation these little purple hair then hop hop here !

Color has disgorged a little and it's quite pale as color, may be a little too pastel, I think go rush things a little and make a little more bluish. But I understand that this kind of color is quite changeable, from one day to the other reflections change a bit is fun.

But I like the side “not too uniform” the thing that makes as if the color had something “alive”.

For the first release of this new head on the blog I wanted to take you to discover the prettiest Paris subway exit : Invalides Metro under the bridge Alexandre 3, a magical place that is very rabbit hole…

I spoke with Asos this rather unusual shooting and they sent me a lot of things to go with my little pony hair was super cool !

J’espère que ça vous plaît ;)



hair Purple-2

Yes it is a subway entrance !

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