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Last week I & rsquo; had a very good common d & rsquo; d & purchase to spend rsquo; urgently the Lafayette galleries, it almost a year that & rsquo; he wisely waited in my wallet that I & rsquo; have a real heart for a room for the last & rsquo; use. I know I know I'm a girl sooooo reasonable when I want :D

J & rsquo; had decided to m & rsquo; buy a piece, only one, a play I didn & rsquo; not buy normally (again because I am sooooo reasonable), j & rsquo; therefore have scoured the galleries, tried lots of pretty coats and other pairs & rsquo; pumps stars in their eyes with the & rsquo; m feeling that everything & rsquo; was permitted *-* Hiiii j & rsquo; looove vouchers & rsquo; purchases ! And in a department store c & rsquo; is the dream, we can spend time weighing the pros and cons, compare two garments, frowning as if one was a great connoisseur.

And then I realized that I & rsquo; d had forgotten & rsquo; walking around the pits Tara Jarmon where I & rsquo; had spotted a nice little jacket with a badge, j & rsquo; therefore have spun it out. But I don & rsquo; tried anything there…

Not because right next there was the Mont St Michel and stand whaaaaa but why not I discover this brand after everyone me ? J & rsquo; adooooore this mixture of ultra classical pieces but cut and d & rsquo; other unexpected c & rsquo; s all that I & rsquo; love : ohhhh sweaters, small vests, marinara, dresses, les trench, Oooooh O-O shoes !! J & rsquo; have shipped ten clothing in the cabin and I & rsquo; have hesitated 3/4 of hours before making my choice. I rested a pretty smock and a blue dress with tearing and got hold of the navy blue trench coat and a pair of boots that I will show you later.

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– Trench Le Mont Saint Michel, Monoprix skirt, socks Anthropology, Tea Boutique sandals 9, Gérard Darel bag –

J & rsquo; of course I wanted to put it immediately without waiting even though it was too cold hair, with my little skirt monop, high socks, sticky and a good way to a walk in the swamp (how that I always do my pictures in the same corner ? well yeah !!)



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oooh and I'll have to hear about it from you this gray varnish…



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Almost all the pictures were taken rue de Beauce, soooo you know this street that smells throat cut in the third ! Only the picture of’ l & rsquo; hotel breakfast Moulin was taken a step further.