Cos yesterday opened rue des roses ! Yipa ! This was more & rsquo; a year that I & rsquo; had announced its opening, c & rsquo; will tell you if I & rsquo; expected.

But I & rsquo; was not prevented me say so ! “Home policy” m & rsquo; did you respond when I & rsquo; asked why the shop opening n & rsquo; had not been announced with fanfare. We want to play sober, word of mouth, mouais… Anyway they knew well that & rsquo; all we were alerted by the first rabouler current to girlfriend.

C & rsquo; is my beloved sister m & rsquo; has called yesterday for m & rsquo; the news (pfff limit if not say that I speak d & rsquo; childbirth, pathetic :D). “Ehhhhh cos finally opened, and I'm in nananère”, 18H was j & rsquo; just went to finally see the store before its closure not without sending news via twitter for the benefit girlfriends.




The shop is as I & rsquo; imagined, very close to what existed before in the showroom capellinni : beautiful volume, about, gray walls.. Very classy, to & rsquo; image that & rsquo; found on healthy : delicate cuts, beautiful materials, with ease. J & rsquo; have dug 2-3 small necessities (cf mes sneak pics), as a sublime pants high waist wide, a small soft striped top, and a trench that eventually j & rsquo; have rested : unreasonable.

Yet the prices are really, really interesting ! And what I & rsquo; have liked more c & rsquo; is the political issue of the house sizes : they have a huge stock with everything, and if your size n & rsquo; is in stores they control the stock in Germany and arrives the next : Is not life grand ?

Only flat : no retouching service, and given the quality of clothes that looks weird… D & rsquo; as much as my pants here, even with my heels 10 it needs at least 8cm d & rsquo; hem. I show you this little marvel soon, d & rsquo; by then, good shopping ladies !