Hair purple blue-63

Hair purple blue-63

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My favorite little stroll to the & rsquo; summertime : Garden plants (oui l & rsquo; last year I fricotais already with cherry blossoms). For the moment the plants dormant still a little, but a cherry tree in the ball rolling.

Everyone stopped in front of him to inhale the fragrance and children gathered its petals in the sand such treasures. J & rsquo; so loves those little moments.

I think I could not do without these seasonal changes, these appointments that repeat tirelessly, c & rsquo; is soft and reassuring. I dream & rsquo; go to observe this phenomenon in Japan where c & rsquo; is a real event…


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That's it you start having supper non cherry blossom ? I confess that c & rsquo; d & is quite difficult rsquo; resist when making pictures. C & rsquo; s is so hassle & rsquo; winter to take pictures when you have just one hour of good light in the day and about 3 minutes between each drop to a picture where c & rsquo; is a little slip Day.

And if in addition you can climb trees without getting busted in the garden of plants FRANCHEMENT ! D’ailleurs, like j & rsquo;'m lucky to not be allergic to pollens mega c & rsquo; is probably the garden of Paris I prefer at this time of the & rsquo; year. Get there fast the flowers begin to line the floor ;) (14) (17) (8) (23) (11) (13) (12) (43) (41) (37) (32) (31) (30) (29) (25) (26) (27) (22) (20) (19) (16) (9) (6) (7) (5) (10) (2) (15) (35) (28) (38) (33) (39) (40) (36)


Garden of plants (23)

Garden of plants (23)

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My mailbox sold out, the todo s & rsquo; lengthens, strokes and son resumed appointment service. J & rsquo;'m freelance and believe I m & rsquo; organizes as I want, c & rsquo; is the end of the holidays.

Every year I look back on my childhood and this long awaited day : notebooks 96 paned pages without spiral in the binder, the new kit with neatly arranged pens, my outfit carefully chosen, I find it cute, j & rsquo; would almost want to revive it at least once. I don & rsquo;'ve never really been in the clan “cool kids” when I & rsquo; was a teenager, I play the nostalgic aujourd & rsquo; hui but I think my me 1994 put me slaps reading it !

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