♪ ♫ I’m bluuuue tapeti tapeta ♫ ♪

Après my experiments worthy & rsquo; a student of CE2 to discover its felts kit, j & rsquo; I plunged in my lacquer box to go further, higher, harder !

And then eventually I calmed down and I & rsquo; did a simple shades of blue on my little claws fashion blogger. J & rsquo; have a red and pink package, I think in this case renewing d & rsquo; other colors.

J & rsquo; have a life GUE-DIN !

References : Essie Smooth sailingEssie Cocktail blingAmerican Apparel Mount RoyalLancôme (ancienne collection)Sephora



In makeup, I always play sober, natural. From time to time I hit me and I huuuuge delirium doll plays well with me pink blush and mascara to the bottom lashes, whaaaaa I'm too adventuress !

In reality, I do not make up me like this by choice, Truth c & rsquo; is that I am a true inning with a make-up brush. Pourtant, j & rsquo; have learned to handle this kind of & rsquo; d & school tool rsquo; s, but on paper c & rsquo; is nevertheless easier than on my eyelids. So I don & rsquo; never dare to get into color, the true.

So when I & rsquo;'ve discovered the next Lancôme collection “declaring indigo” presented by Aaron de Mey (la rock star, Iggy Pop makeup), j & rsquo;'m open my eyes and ears. The blue make-up that m & rsquo; has always fascinated, d & rsquo; first because since the time that & rsquo; repeating myself : “no blue on blue eyes” (what is wrong), it gave him a small taste d & rsquo; prohibits friendly. And then I find that c & rsquo; is a truly mesmerizing color (and it would be helpful anyway d & rsquo; just hypnotize people with the & rsquo; eye shadow :D).

But unfortunately for you, I did that & rsquo; a small lopette, I don & rsquo; have not dared to ask an egg makeup indigo blue. And unfortunately for me, even observing the techniques of makeup I don & rsquo; still have not understood how to properly put on an eyelid color.


I find it very frustrating indeed the makeup, c & rsquo; is a work d & rsquo; artist, you have to know to ask the shadows and lights like a real designer, sculpting with color, knowing every detail of & rsquo; framing her face to pass something right. We must also accept to go through stages where c & rsquo; is atrocious, where was the & rsquo; & rsquo air; a large pouffe (c & rsquo; is where I give and I take everything in general) before polishing work.

As j & rsquo;'m barely know how to properly ask a light touch, l & rsquo; eyeshadow c & rsquo; not for now. I will continue to dream of the blue without ever putting…

En photo : la sublime Katarina du blog bjooti