Love at first sight ?

For once I will tell you this trip a little in disorder to see (non je mens, I have so many pictures of Safari that I die to the idea of ​​sort). Lamu town donc… It is a small city (a UNESCO heritage please) the Lamu archipelago (Yes also) au large du Kenya, quite unique.

I will not tell you the whole story, wikipedia done that very well alone. What I remember most is the abundance of donkeys that live there, that their hospital and to whom 2 of 3 only cars in the city are dedicated. I also learned that there are still 5 years old, men could get married (this is no longer allowed, but they may settle together cushy still in Lamu). Rather unexpected as info.

And, l’architecture (Arab) is sublime, Small winding streets are full of surprises (bam of donkey shit !) and cats hypnotize you. A beautiful place I did not expect to discover in Kenya ?