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When he started to go back just to see waders on the front of the stage I think it m & rsquo; as did quite a few people : o_O gnééé ??

No way that thing, it m & rsquo; sometimes evoked an old vulgar trip to pigalle, sometimes the pirate look to Francis Lalanne. Help What ! But that c & rsquo; was only because I don & rsquo; my friends have no culture fashion. For me the thigh n & rsquo; there was something classy, feminine and glamorous… And yet.

Before the first shows I & rsquo; have been forced to surrender. AAH yes why not ? OK c’est chic ! GNII j & rsquo; in want !

So I started as a lot of & rsquo; you in the quest for perfect waders, one that m & rsquo; go like a glove. And considering the price of the lower pair had better get it right. Then j & rsquo; tried in one package ! With my little meter 55 and my thigh riquiqui I don & rsquo; was not the end of my sentences : in too wide Zara, tropes of more, Garrice in too long (they m & rsquo; almost arrived at the & rsquo; crotch, not too l & rsquo; desired effect…), At Minelli blah d & rsquo; not like models, and other ben they were too expensive (I am sooooo a sensible girl I remind you).

And then on a forum I discovered girls super venerate d & rsquo; purchasing waders Michel Klein for La Redoute : too tight, they are struggling to get into it, too small they happen to just the middle of the knee. Yihaaa but c & rsquo; for me it is ! Neither one nor two, I order and receive a few days later perfect waders ! Slinky as I wanted and hair cell to the correct height.

Alors, vulgar or not vulgar ?







– Robe H&M (collec Trend), waders Michel Klein for the redoubt, Zara vest, Etam coat, Sac Vintage century –

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Marina du port Henry IV – 75004