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It looks like the small spring s & rsquo; slightly encrusted… I who live like an onion for months j & rsquo; have lowered the guard, ranked cashmere cardigan coats in my closet, and go out into the wind with a simple sweater and a tutu. I will soon m & rsquo; to bite the fingers c & rsquo; is safe.

J & rsquo; have made these pictures last night with Vianney, while the sun was setting. J & rsquo; like right now, just before the streetlights do s & rsquo; light up on the Pont de Sully, where trees and draw out the claws of disturbing forms when the moon is just beginning to shine.

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– Sweat American Apparel, Topshop skirt, Bertie sandals at Asos, H socks&M –

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J & rsquo;'ve always known these old newspapers in the attic at my grandparents : someone & rsquo; loved one in the tabloids my great father c & rsquo; is certain…

I ask d & rsquo; moreover if “Black and white” which headlined all of them by a sentence beginning “Here is…” n & rsquo; s not just & rsquo; ancestor of the magazine of the same name. If someone & rsquo; one knows, This m & rsquo; interests :)

J & rsquo; have found in cartons a number corresponding to a bit & rsquo; current events. Alors, do someone & rsquo; one knows why Brigitte Bardot refused & rsquo; attend the Cannes Film Festival in May 1957 ?

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– Skirt and top H&M, jupon American Apparel –

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Aaaaah long as it was super & rsquo; m & it is rsquo; had not proposed a string (merci Anne-so :). And photo chain I don & rsquo; yet had never done. The theme : bleu ! The favorite color of little girls before that & rsquo; they are made of & rsquo; love for pink (we are so original when it was 12 years old… or 27 aussi).

Looking at my pictures I look I realized that & rsquo; he was almost always blue, j & rsquo; d have tried & rsquo; avoid to the maximum to draw in (too easy !). J & rsquo; have had a hard time choosing among my blue pictures, au final, j & rsquo;'ve mostly tried to ensure that & rsquo; they go well together. J & rsquo; also cheated a little by reworking them slightly for that & rsquo; they are harmonious.

C & rsquo; go for a walk with my 7 favorite blue pictures :


J & rsquo; took this photo in a glass case in Portobello road, I do not know how I m & rsquo; it was taken but I & rsquo; got an almost aquatic blur, as if the tissue was in the & rsquo; water. C & rsquo; is one of my favorite photos.


This photo, I l & rsquo; had forgotten, but I l & rsquo; love, yet it n & rsquo; is not clear… I l & rsquo; have taken the Longchamp evening for the launch of the collection at the Jean Luc Moerman & rsquo; Elysée Montmartre.


This one comes straight from our photo shoot Alice in Wonderland that I & rsquo; did with Alix last year. This little caterpillar s & rsquo; stood on my deck just when we started our shooting, a disturbing coincidence…


London – La city, c & rsquo; is that I & rsquo; did the photo series I am most satisfied during my last trip to London. And this one is one of my favorite.


I think you never have shown this one. C & rsquo; is the dessert service with my grandmother, it is full of memories of strawberries with cream of my childhood.


Paris – Rue Mouzaïa, a green area hidden in the 20th in which to get lost in the small cobbled streets.


Enfin, this photo taken in the garden of my grandmother…

It only remains for me that & rsquo; to turn… let's see, not easy, everyone l & rsquo; has already. Let Alix which always has wonderful pictures, Maroual who also defended rather well, Do history also involving boys (even those who are a little bitch :p) And my friend Made which like all light cyan which hurts the eyes !