do cheval

I'm a big consumer of gadgets veeeeeery, unnecessary items, and small toys of all kinds. More c & rsquo; is cute and useless, I want more (see my Nabaztag, dearest of my gadgets).

J & rsquo; often have trouble resisting the shelves in at urban outfitters or topshop, but it will, c & rsquo; in London, a sea separates me from those irresistible little bullshit (chuuuuut non, j & rsquo; had already forgotten Antwerp, tttt).

But it & rsquo; did not count on the fashionable boutiques. A la base, c & rsquo; is intended for very rich bourgeois moms (prices are indecent), there are clothes for children, and small crap. The first that I & rsquo;'ve discovered is in the swamp, rue vieille du temple (you say definitely that I always walk in the same neighborhood and you are right (I know c & rsquo; is sad) end of the bracket longuette). The little toy bazaar m & rsquo; has delighted, c & rsquo; was as if I had just discovered the cave d & rsquo; Ali baba.

Old toys, of Japanese prints, the pretty handkerchiefs, of roudoudous, boxes of bubble gum, small suitcases, false mustaches, dressings with teddy, Product bubble, p & rsquo; tits funny books !! Hiiiiiii ! There are even Kate Kidson products (it costs an arm in London, c and there & rsquo; is worse, but not serious).

And best, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; there is a fashionable Rue du Bac bazaar, where we find THAT small crap. The shop is beautiful and I m & rsquo; there have been widely pleasure….z & rsquo; & rsquo have that; see….

Chewing gum box like when I & rsquo; was little, all eaten 1 week…

Dressings with a unicorn to comfort me when I & rsquo; have a bobo, and pretty napkins with cherries out in & rsquo; teatime !

And mustaches to disguise me papi, football player in years 70, dandy in 1900…