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The first time I & rsquo; saw this jacket in & rsquo; Valentine Gauthier workshop, j & rsquo; have been crazy. With buttons, the pockets 3 colors and belt, he had a little Teddy side, American college atmosphere, football team but with a light touch and feminine : small wings.

But I don & rsquo; have not cracked, car a vest fluttering sleeves m & rsquo; s also had & rsquo; eye and had to make a choice my good lady. Up & rsquo; that I pass the winter in a private sale : I l & rsquo; grabbed mindlessly, it was going to be mine, enfin !




– Valentine Gauthier Jacket, peep toe & slim Zara –

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Yes but it has all the curd & rsquo; winter, j & rsquo; have had to accumulate layers of wool and good warm coats, both say that the little leather jacket with three quarter sleeve one would see this later. D & rsquo; as much as c & rsquo; is the kind of piece that & rsquo; one does that door & rsquo; mid-season and in certain weather conditions : he must gray and soft. No sun for not too hot, and no temperature too low to be able to roll up their sleeves. Those days I don & rsquo; would not miss.

So last Saturday, I l & rsquo; have rooted out of his closet to go parading at the corner diner with my fiancé : le breakfast in america. Il and to 2 à Paris, one in the swamp rue Malher and jussieu street near schools. I much prefer the second : crowded d & rsquo; students, l & rsquo; atmosphere is much less connected and not artificial. The room is also greater with red banquettes more funky :)






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The contours – Do you love me?

The waitresses are often American students, as you say that the service is always impeccable and very warm : a pearl in our capital of bad mood when you still have the & rsquo; d & rsquo impression piss servers.

Their breakfasts are delicious, I often take the “french toasts” : French toast brioche + banana with which I always ask the real syrup & rsquo; maple (and not the syrup pancakes) and a vanilla milkshake. Lunch is also extra : B.I.A the bacon burger is my favorite little.

Breakfast in america
17, rue des Ecoles – 75005 Paris (map)
Metro: Cardinal LeMoine gold Jussieu
Tel: 01 43 54 50 28