As I told you last week, gendarme dressed in my little cape, j’ai passé 4 days in Ireland in late September to visit her two capitals Dublin and Belfast.

J & rsquo; had always dreamed of returning to Ireland. J & rsquo; it had gone very small but in the countryside, nothing to do so. J & rsquo; had two beautiful cities to discover.

I do not really know what m & rsquo; wait, j & rsquo; just imagine quite similar to those cities that I & rsquo; had seen in England architecture level, une culture pub & well-developed beer, and a little rain. We don & rsquo; was close, but I & rsquo; fortunately got a few surprises !

Dublin's start with if you wish.

J & rsquo; loved walking through the streets : brick buildings, Stone, all on a human scale, the gates of all colors framed by columns. So quaint ! A pleasure for my camera and I.

And then what I & rsquo; like Ireland c & rsquo; is that c & rsquo; is really a country of the & rsquo; Fall, the landscapes are beautiful, colorful parks… St Stephens Green & rsquo; s worth a stroll, There you will see a statue of & rsquo; Oscar Wilde, from Dublin.

But what I & rsquo; loved above all : le Trinity College. A kind of fantasy d & rsquo; student, j & rsquo; have dreamed my studies in such a place. We walked there the day of registrations for “society”, it m & rsquo; has proposed several thinking that I & rsquo; was proud Irish * *

J & rsquo; have quite drunk during these guiness 2 days Dublin, Day 250 requires years of this beer : We raised our glass to Sir Arthur Guinness with all the & rsquo; Ireland on 23 September : I was there !

And since we were little lucky, we were in Dublin on the evening of culture night, kind of mix of the white night & French Heritage Days. Performances in galleries, singers in bookstores, workshops & rsquo; artists and intimate concerts : a beautiful evening which again ended in a pub !

This m & rsquo; has most marked the evening c & rsquo; is the style of Irish : little dressed, not cautious for two pennies, more upscale than the London. I envy the girls, they can go out in micro skirt without fear of being called a bitch at all street corners, the guys are very friendly and it shows. I dream & rsquo; a day when we can do the same in Paris, but n & rsquo; not tomorrow the day !

Some good addresses in Dublin

Remains & Pubs :

The Globe – 11 S Great Georges St DUBLIN 2 | For a pint in a nice atmosphere.

Rick’s Burger – South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2 | Perfect for a burger dripping with cheddar to 2 am leaving the Globe.

Eddie Rockets – 7 Ann St (photos above) | To make an English breakfast, and a very fat milk shake.

Ely Gastro Pub – Hanover Quay, Dublin 4 | Quite incredible place, j & rsquo; there ate the best small mashed my life :)

Cafe Novo, Westbury Hotel – 2 Grafton St | To dim dinner, excellent wines.

Butlers Chocolate café – 24 Wicklow St, Dublin | Very nice chocolate shop.

Shopping :

Question shopping, s it & rsquo; is concentrated in the district of Temple Bar and streets : Cope Street, Crown alley, Cecilia Street, Crow alley… There are plenty of cool vintage shops (Urban Outfitters and also a well hidden !)

Carousel – Exchequer St Dublin 2 | Jolie boutique vintage

Urban Outfitters – Cecilia St, Dublin

Topshop – Around Dublin