As you are curious ones who adore I tell you my life, I am told that some pictures of my new office would make you happy :D

Never will I be launched me into the freelance adventure if I had not had the opportunity to take owls shared offices. Otherwise I would have ended after 2 month work in your pajamas all day munching smacks out of the package, only companions with my cats and conversation of a grandmother 85 years old.

At the sight of this show, my husband had left me for a nurse from the hospital where he works (“all ugly” my eye) and I finish bachelor, diabetic with oily hair.

So offices. I share with a good band geeks, but especially talented and motivating people : Colorz, Monsieur Lâm/Than/lense, Le journal du Geek, Fubiz, First and also a small business buildings (it is not sectarian us bloggers).

And to survive all this testosterone, I brought my girlfriend under my arm Anne-so, which was strewn with the bunnies offices, green plants and roses all accessories, like a dog peed all over the room (but OK, they too have their gris-gris, you'll find them ?)

While the boys receive by courier consoles and other high tech phones, we are received tights, socks flowers and lovely fragrance.

Joyful atmosphere as the evening, when the console is plugged and that balance lady gaga thoroughly balloons. My employee of life do not miss believe me…

*We have not yet decided who played Michael…

Pretty pictures

Almost all of the supplies : Ikea – Helmet URBANEARS – Parfum Marc Jacobs – various kawaïeries – rabbit lamp available at Bianca&thefamily


Ikea Aaaaaaah… For me it & rsquo; is simple, c’est disneyland ! I will d & rsquo; witness apartment in apart as a witness in attractions, I m & rsquo; sit on the sofas, I like I'm at home, I scan the furniture (but how c & rsquo; it is made ?? Whaaaa géniaaaal !). Up of sofas & rsquo; to & rsquo; expo children, I think my fiance in & rsquo; impression of lugging a remained and wondered s & rsquo; it n & rsquo; should not have let me in daycare in the pool balls story & rsquo; be cushy to buy a lamp and 3 hangers.

Last week, to his regret, s it & rsquo; is a mission ikéa, since the time I trépignais, I could not go another week without a new plaid (they have to put stuff in unclear who use drugs, as in the bags cool cats…). And as for that & rsquo; s a giant ikea & rsquo; is installed in Thiais village just 1 hour door to door of the house c & rsquo; in the finger became noze to go without bagnole, there was no & rsquo; excuse to say no.

As before ikea Mission, s it & rsquo; swore that spit & rsquo; it would be reasonable, that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; not buy 10 the body cells boxes (paske holaaa c & rsquo; is cheap, on fait un stock !), nor even a lamp Grono (the cheapest of the earth, on en a 10…), nor kitchen accessories that are used ever (small grinder herbs with his board we had indeed been the last time…). We had made a list and everything, we were not equipped to roll, and as n & rsquo; was no jalopy, he would necessarily have to be slow.

And there is… almost there. Oui, once chiantes plates, the carpets and bought cardboard boxes, it was necessary that I m ​​& rsquo; broke me in disneyland !

[ImageBrowser = 79]

I think that & rsquo; where I lose all control, c & rsquo; is the radius fixtures, I do not know, small small lights blue m & rsquo; mesmerize and I lose all common sense… Result : 3 mini flower bulbs, not on the list. But they are so joliiiiies, there were also larger, but our p & rsquo; n & rsquo tits arm, have not supported (she'll always trots in the head, I secretly preparing a next mission with prétexterai the car where I & rsquo; & rsquo purchase; a big ugly piece of furniture and IN-DIS-PENS-ABLE).

There is also the Deco radius that turns my head, j & rsquo; have yet bought vases which are useless but they are all pretty (there was d & rsquo; other, glass to fall, but had to choose, l & rsquo; man made the big eyes). And hoooo mirror with its lace and its p & rsquo; tit knot… I am incorrigible.

And then c & rsquo; was not on the list, but with the cushion pad to make the & rsquo; computer on the couch, I could not but l & rsquo; adopt, this little thing was made for me.

But you understand, ikea, c & rsquo; is not only disneyland c & rsquo; is as christmas. No I not talking about decorations, it m & rsquo; took me blinders to not go watch, we already had too loaded arm (but why they put that before the cases these idiots ?). Not c & rsquo; s just that after mumuse in hangar, Once back home, Lots of stuff to unpack, stuff to climb, as the 25 December, yaaaa !

Darling Say, c & rsquo; is when that & rsquo; we go back ?