Ha ha !! No you will not find here bloopers of my photos : the thousands of horrific images which I one eye closed and a silly smile remain classified top secret for a while !

Not this year I decided to make their feast trolls, illiterate, great moralizing and crazies who sometimes pass through this blog and their prose innondent me hilarious.

Yes, I am cool me, I know you do not spend your time going check-up comments of this blog and the coup, you're missing real pearls.

Here are the top 3 of the funniest comments of the year. thanks WHO ?

We start with what I think is the best commentary of the year, caviar before 31 my friends ! To situate, c’est a comment that was posted after my post about the collection Etam Wo(man) :

” Ho my god it's horrible for a writer who wants to wear this outfit mode is the worst affronts, I do not know what to say so it's horrible, nothing that slim Association / top wide misshapen date of last winter, or even two years for real addict, then the cyan color was the summer ( we all remember fluo kids ) color this year is quite sour purple is changing but blue argggh! then this hat, firstly not well matched and then also this summer accessory. Finally polish your shoes it is so old that I do not know who brought in yet hause, on ne t’as pas dit ( or rather did not you notice ) it was the tendency of velvet shoes, always, with mixing but certainly not its total varnish is very 2004.
but otherwise like any one makes you noted the pictures are really beautiful ( except perhaps your double chin, No just kidding lol ), you're cute etc etc etc, and your boyfriend to a nice style, rien d'expetionelle, mais limite über est sa c cool, the only taste of fault it is these green sneakers argggh! ( encore une fois ), we would have preferred the city of shoe in the manner of his suit jacket ( ie between the velvet and a little varnish to those who were not included because unlike women, for men the trend this fall varnish ) that is all
If you want advice or other critical comments on your blog contact me my email c ( I criticize accurate does not mean negative, but it's just a consistent point of view that is all rule )

xxx R.”

So good… Le style, mistakes, false compliments, dirty tricks and tips… It's kind of my little comment collector !

We continue with one of the many comments posted on my post on starbucks. I wrote in January, and is regularly discussed by those who hate starbucks and also especially by those who teach this adoooooorent. This comment of October, and worth its weight in peanuts !!

“I find you totally ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only reveals about your home that chararctéristique the detestable client and forge more unpleasant Detre our reputation in the trade as customers , your Gous but why are your go where you want any criticism , certe any ny is parfais , it's fast food , but if you want fauteilles 19 th opera is not suitable you , this is with pleasure that I invite you to ask your too pretentious faisier on cold walk from the opera under the pluit !!! it's expensive yes it is , ca and should make you happy we no longer demand the names desormé is over thanks to people like you who are not sympathetic apressier this way to break the glasse ( for the information to date is France the only country where this "tradition" has been Starbucks abendonné !!!! Finally I leave you with your poor judgment and very respectfully your "méchansté !!!
ps : I'm not a fan starbucks so far I'm just.”

I believe that the use of this style that is associated with sustained many spelling mistakes will make me die laughing every time.

Enfin, a comment rather original that pinned a mistake I made by quoting the name of a street, sometimes I'm not sure if I should or not be afraid of my readers !!

“I am ashamed and contrite confess that reading ticket, what holds my attention first, how pretty the name of this street, and the fact that its name is different depending on whether one looks at the (charming) text or (good) photos. In my defense, I will say that I'm a man (not too focused on fashion), and married. I return to the Street Name. According to the name on the stone, and after the plate, is "BELL STREET PERCE". Capitalization is important, car en francais, it is not uncommon for accents disappear with uppercase. Does "PERCE" becomes "pierced" in lower case, with a lack of agreement ? If I'm not mistaken, grammatical agreements are fairly well respected French for centuries, is the spelling that was highly variable and was not fixed until later. The hypothesis of a lack of agreement is suspect. From what I read on the Internet (it's worth what it's worth), the original name is rather on a "bell Persian". It seems logical, for that would spell (and not the grammar) which would be at fault, and that in this elegant district, we imagine more easily than a street name derives from a prestigious and exotic object (a Persian bell, and who knows what it was), and one can not imagine that a breakthrough has caused the bell to enorgueillessement this street. The real reason behind the name can be anything. It has the strength to use and needs to find meaning. A Persian bell, will know what it is. A breakthrough bell, it's much easier to view, and therefore storing. It's okay if you choose to say or write "Bell Street pierced", "Breakthrough bell street", "Street breakthrough bell" or "Persian bell street" ... I'm just curious to know what are the current practices and motivations to use a name rather than another, and I still find it a bit surprising to not choose, written anyway, the name as it appears on the plate : "Bell Street pierces". Voilà voilà. And I'm really sorry Pouêt-pouêter on a detail as trivial and digressive :-) What fascinates a reader, this is not always what the author wanted to highlight !


I do not understand why this man says that he is married… And his heavy hyper style really made me laugh, So beware, keep it simple !

And as we do here speak only of comments, I will not show you all the dingoes mails that I received this year, with a special mention for the perverts who platonic me seriously poposé to become my house slave :)

P.S : bloggers, bloggers, resume the torch, we also feast with your shit comms :)