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Suite white film-wrapped – The house Champs Élysées

As I told you in my article on the pencil, I happen from time to time to test the hotels in Paris. Sometimes c & rsquo; is the cata, I go home I do not like so much experience, Sometimes it takes me cravings d & rsquo; d be a billionaire as & rsquo; appreciates that little moment of luxury that m & rsquo; is offered.

I don & rsquo; not like ostentatious luxury, guindé, sec, pretentious, I prefer a thousand times a small party with friends in a cheap restaurant that & rsquo; a cocktail in a place that shines but lacks d & rsquo; soul.

But I must admit there have been more than charmed by La Maison where j & rsquo; spent a night last week. The room j & rsquo; slept was like a little warm apartment with a library, but while better : a bed with linen sheets ironed, a mattress of softer, the beautiful wooden floors and furniture like in the movies.

The hotel itself, for a former architecture student d & rsquo; inside me, is a marvel, j & rsquo; really love the work that has been done by the Maison Martin Margiela to transform and sublimate & rsquo; s space with tubes & rsquo; eye and magician tricks.

I thought as d & rsquo; habit c & rsquo; was a nice place to take his lover when you live in Paris. Stay a night, commander un room service, not s & rsquo; not wanting to leave the room SINCE & rsquo; the city is known by heart… C & rsquo; is not given given Following a seam (ouch ! even), but that more room service and ptit dej for two worth every d & rsquo; a weekend in n & rsquo; d any city & rsquo; Europe.


The pencil, 25 Rue du Bouloi – 75001 Paris

L You & rsquo; have already seen in the ticket dedicated to My hair delirium : the pencil is a charming small hotel in the heart of Paris which is kind of my favorite this year.

I often to test for the needs of hotels mon city guide (I live in Paris, So I don & rsquo; d not have & rsquo; go – implacable logic) and many of you wonder when you come to the slopes in our beloved capital.

J & rsquo; have so enjoyed this little paradise that I & rsquo; wanted to share it with you : des Meubles Chinese, work d & rsquo; really nice and unexpected illustration, an ambiance “like home” when that & rsquo; one enters the small hall. The little dej (a description may be, but I j & rsquo; it places great importance) is perfect, soon served on a large table & rsquo; guests. There are rooms from € 85, Paris center for c & rsquo; is a real good place.

P.S : that goes without saying, s it & rsquo; acts NO EVENT d & rsquo; a sponsored item, c & rsquo; is well to remember from time to time but I don & rsquo; never do.


As you don & rsquo;'re not behind the scenes of this blog, you do not know, but I get about once a week demands good maps and addresses in Paris, London, New York… If possible ideas d & rsquo; ditto ditto hotel. My answer is rarely seen that all information are on this blog and that & rsquo; just search : London and New York are in the same categories, and for Paris I split my d & rsquo; a small book & rsquo; personal addresses. Downright !

You can imagine as m & rsquo; & rsquo annoying that; they ask me this when everything is there… Bref (not brief, one day we m & rsquo; even wrote “I know that c & rsquo; is on your blog but I & rsquo;'m too lazy to search, So if you could give me your good mail addresses would be cool” (-_-))

The only trouble in this little book & rsquo; address, c & rsquo; is I do not know d & rsquo; Paris hotels since j & rsquo; screw it, It has ! And we tadaaaam m & rsquo; d & rsquo proposed; to test more in the coming months, j & rsquo; therefore I accepted with great pleasure.

D & rsquo; first because I n & rsquo; there know anything and it will make me see parts, hidden places, and d & rsquo concepts; archi sometimes quite crazy. And then because that & rsquo; go to & rsquo; hotel where we live c & rsquo; is awfully nice ! My man (which of course m & rsquo; accompanies my journey) do not say otherwise ;)

From the office during the week with his bag to go to a nice hotel and a change of scenery time d & rsquo; an evening, get up the next to be served a delicious breakfast before leaving for work believe me, Is it worth it.

At the beginning, I thought of my power & rsquo book; address in hotels especially for those who visit the capital, and finally I think Parisians would think it more often !

First tested hotel : Seven Hotel, a beautiful place in the Latin Quarter, truly amazing rooms and a small dej worth seeing (sooooo important to me breakfast).