Dress Asos, chaussures Bertie + knots Mlle Pierre, rouge à lèvres Lancôme, Pictures taken at the’hotel seven

So yes I know, we ate at all the sauces & rsquo; last year, and the title of this post had to make you want to kill yourself suddenly compilation of muscular.

But when I m & rsquo; buys a blue dress, I can not m & rsquo; help take me a bit to Alice c & rsquo; is like this. Like when I see a pair of red shoes, I think of Dorothy and I & rsquo; buys, hop !

It's a good bitch or the one & rsquo; is not. And yet I will not make it a fixette on Minnie dresses or we would not be out of the woods.

Hence the blue dress I find pretty cool, Dynasty has a small side with pleated neckline j & rsquo; make me feel like a big glittery brushing with it would be so funny !

P.S : Nothing to do with the sauerkraut but thank you for your votes for GBA, there was 2 semaines, j & rsquo; had the prices :) Fashion blogger, cuvee 2011 (to enjoy with a good foie gras).

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles