Swimsuit Asos

*En Swahili : “No worries” (all is well, life is Beautiful, peace my brother – but you already knew).

C & rsquo; is a little mantra here… Not far from & rsquo; to be the national currency (less than clenching “freedom, equality, fraternity” non ?).

Are so no worries, flown my first impressions, I take the m & rsquo; is given to live, and beautiful places in which we are taken.

L You & rsquo; have understood, we are not in a backpack trip (but OK… If you followed all my characters travelogues, you already know that this n & rsquo; is not my thing), so we will d & rsquo; one hotel and one surprise. As this splendid location near the & rsquo; Lamu Island where we spent a few days.

J & rsquo; had believed to see the most beautiful hotel ever Bali, but this one easily surpasses.

Another digression delighted after long days of Safari (it appears that c & rsquo; is & rsquo; down hotel where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wouhou).

Soon, a little red earth, and d & rsquo; elephants promised :)