bottines chie mihara

Monday it snowed (yeah, scoop !), and Paris c & rsquo; is so rare that it takes that I & rsquo; was happy like a child. D & rsquo; usually it is entitled to marronnasse mud just good to gun down the leather pumps, c there & rsquo; was a pretty good white snow that decorated the sidewalks, les which, the cars, rails, the banks… J & rsquo;'ve watched the snow fall all day until the evening where I can finally play a little with my fiancé.

And n & rsquo; has not disappointed, near our house, on the docks, there was even a little snowman waiting for us.

Notre dame

Bottines noires

Bttines rétros

Manteau comptoir des cotonniers

Cache oreilles

– Counter coat of cotton, scarf H&M, Princess tam tam socks, bottines chie mihara –

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J & rsquo; of course was covered hypra, and I & rsquo; took the opportunity to leave my pretty purple boots craps mihara brand new christmas. It look like beautiful ice skates when using clear laces, c & rsquo; is so choupi, I m & rsquo; get tired.