skirt monoprix


Je crois (Finally, I hope) that & rsquo; we are all the same : occasionally, we would be able to put all that & rsquo; we love the most on the same day, especially if c & rsquo; is new. You know, as when one has s & rsquo; buy a nice spring dress so that & rsquo; it still makes 0 ° and that & rsquo; one decides to wear anyway with a sticky, 12 vests (destroying everything in passing the & rsquo; light and dreamy effect of spring dress).

Non, never ? Good, well I'm doing the shot every time. The day after my last private sale Paul & Joe j & rsquo; had managed to put everything, even if nothing n & rsquo; going together, j & rsquo; was happy like a child.

And reviewing photos made Forney Saturday it makes me a little that effect here : j & rsquo; had this new bag, this new headband and skirt this new monoprix that I & rsquo; have absolutely wanted to put together. The result is… we will say funny, but strangely I find that the gap it creates with the place is fun.






– Jacket and headband H&M, Monoprix skirt, sac Topshop, derbies and pull Etam –
? Voir toutes les photos ?

Forney for those who do not know, c & rsquo; is a library specializing in applied arts. J & rsquo; going there a lot when I & rsquo; was a student, in this beautiful stone building it was so quiet… C & rsquo; is one of the few Gothic buildings that n & rsquo; has not been destroyed by Haussmann, her small pointed roofs should be the only along the Seine.

Edit : for those interested, you can always buy this p & rsquo; tit bag on the site online sales topshop.