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Mardi 4 May – 12h : after scampered under the arcades of the Rue de Rivoli in tutus to catch up, I take my left : Rue Cambon. I realize while c & rsquo; is the first time in my life that I & rsquo; put there feet in the direction of the legendary Chanel boutique in Paris.

I'm a big uncultivated in terms of & rsquo; fashion history, I discover, j & rsquo; learn, j & rsquo; listening… But I don & rsquo; there know much. C & rsquo; therefore j & rsquo;'m embarrassed d & rsquo; use the stairs that lead to the & rsquo; Gabrielle Chanel's apartment, j & rsquo; have the feeling of not really deserve a visit. But that & rsquo; matter, I am delighted d & rsquo; to be there for that & rsquo; it tells me that I know this brand too bad.

C & rsquo; is Marie-Louise de Clermont Tonnerre, colorful character and brand memory from the death that makes us miss the guided tour. It n & rsquo; has not his tongue in his pocket, it is a treat. I do not expect much at this relaxed and sometimes mocking gaze focused on that which once occupied these places.

We discover a reconstituted lounge with care : chinoiseries, master paintings and sculptures that sit alongside objects toc, strong memories and collections lions and d & rsquo; wheat heads of Coco Chanel. It is learned that this small cage that n & rsquo; s a & rsquo; casually here, next d & rsquo; a hand of Giacometti is actually the starting point of the advertisement Jean-Paul Goude with Vanessa Paradis. A tassel remained in the mouth d & rsquo; a brass frog n & rsquo; has not moved 40 years old, and the debate on the & rsquo; origin of the quilted 2.55 that takes its origin in the grounds of the sofa animates the brand representatives…

I let you visit ?

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? Voir toutes les photos ?