J & rsquo; have discovered this little marvel at my first trip to London : a little book with black cover, with a plan, pages of notes and an empty directory which gradually becomes MON guide. Depuis, I do not visit a big city without him.

I am often asked how I can always find cool places to go when I travel. I reassure you so, I'm not Gontran Happiness, nothing n & rsquo; is due to chance, I always prepare my long weeks of travel before leaving. Continue reading



J Tuesday & rsquo; was in London, j & rsquo; have a subscription as this month, and n’ not displease me :)

With d & rsquo; Copinettes other bloggers j & rsquo; was invited by Hachette to discover the city through their new guide “games and puzzles tracks in London”. The title speaks for itself, no need to draw you a picture.

The two authors of the guide were with us : Marjolaine Koch and Fabien Benoit, two young expats who have lived in London a few years before recently returning to Paris. We followed them in one of the walks that & rsquo; they had developed to guide.


And I & rsquo; was literally EM-BA-TThhee ! C & rsquo; is exactly the way that I & rsquo; like discovering a city. The short tour we did in the Soho district was enchanting : j & rsquo; have discovered Chinatown Londoner and a host of small streets and cute shops. Each “treasure hunt” guide was designed to Leaving routes, small streets and favorite places of Fabien and Marjolaine, and are decorated here and there d & rsquo; anecdotes : really nice.

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We then had lunch in a lovely location : tibits. A concept that m & rsquo; very much : a buffet of tasty dishes small bios, in which we use at their convenience and then pay… weight ! All accompanied by delicious smoothies, a real pleasure (especially for small eaters like me). The setting is sublime : hidden in a colorful street near Picadilly Circus, the restaurant has been completely designed and decorated by Trisha Guild (He Papesse du floral wallpaper) : sublime !



Enfin, we finished the day with a shopping spree as the I & rsquo; had never done : avec Sophie and Anne-so, we did Topshop ALL (I don & rsquo; had never had the courage), by squaring the ground very military way to not miss a tissue millimeter. My shopping was more consistent than the last time, I prepare you some pictures…

But the real discovery of this day remains the genial guide. Qype ​​walks and that I & rsquo; glannées had on the blog Welcome to London my previous trips to London were exactly in the style of what & rsquo; found in guide. And this n & rsquo; s nothing & rsquo; amazing, Marjolaine and Fabien since held since soon 2 Years blog “thousand things to do in London” full of great restaurants and beautiful pictures.

I returned to London late May 4 days this time, I think that & rsquo; s going to get it & rsquo; entire guide with my fiancé ! He released April 1, I heartily recommend.