this sentence, I l & rsquo;'ve heard my whole adolescence, because yes, I plead guilty : I'm a real driveway. And it didn & rsquo; ever happened, to 26 I still swear as many years. I am even able to get out fairly huge stuff that nail people on site. Imagine a young woman with big blue eyes and her little pink dress that starts screaming the f ** p * m * f * p * !!

I do not do it in the street eh, I am not sick. But if a machine resists me, if I hit myself or if I & rsquo;'ve forgotten something & rsquo; importantly it can get pretty ugly ! D & rsquo; so that & rsquo; in general, go figure, I take my most hoarsely : j & rsquo; s &'ve just rsquo; air & rsquo; lumberjack in a skirt !

And usually the bad words, I love them so much that I & rsquo; in fact p & rsquo; tits names : motherfucker, bitch, motherfucker… When I got close enough to someone & rsquo; one and I am sure that & rsquo; it will not hurt to take, it comes out alone, it m & rsquo; fun.

Yet j & rsquo; have been very high… Come on, over my p & rsquo; tites bitches :)

Edit de midi : Rhooo it is loose in the comments, I'll swing your best insults and curses favorite not beautiful in your mouth Girls :)