This room is the one that all the kids prefer with my grandparents : flowery floor to ceiling, fresh, warm and cozy. It includes all of the house Martine, reading in the big soft bed, before s & rsquo; doze under the big quilt.



I m & rsquo; there was made a little trip regressive fitted my new blanket vest…

Long ago I was looking for that big warm vest, very thick, in which s & rsquo; sinks and that & rsquo; can be pressed hard between his fingers. To light dresses with small, flowered who can stay in my closet l & rsquo; winter, to wear with leggings look and make a little bird fallen from the nest, to drag the good home warm, nose in the mesh.








– Dress and jacket H&M, great homemade turtle –

And the vest I & rsquo;'ve found at H&M, to -30% as if no n & rsquo; had wanted. It must be said that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; was not well presented on a hanger, it says an old rag eurait. In the & rsquo; & rsquo trying j; I immediately liked : with its huge woolen clusters that run on the sleeves makes it quite amusing big bruiser arms, and an unusual breadth. With him I & rsquo; always have the very thin legs and tiny ass, and I can let my hair long run on my shoulders in small scrolls : I find it so cute…



Outfits : Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles (blogmyspace)



And glossy gray c & rsquo; is refined (whhaaaa these rhymes I do eggs this morning !). I m & rsquo; about to reveal the secret of gray that you e watered for a few weeks, Attention it will not please you…

Yes, because this gray, I l & rsquo; have obtained from & rsquo; varnish Sephora by O.P.I bought in New York this summer. Zetes not happy huh ? So get out banners with me to claim this collective in France but not ooohh !! We must afford these beautiful polish € 13 at Monop (houuu l & rsquo; scam) while the US pays the & rsquo; equivalent of € 7 at Sephora ! In addition there are fifty shades…

I've tried almost all of my fiancé willing in the Times Square shop, yeah me varnish j & rsquo; in'd already, and his thumbs boys are instead testing easier 4 colors, it was pretty small flags, we laughed a lot. And so this varnish, c & rsquo; is “under my trench coat”… Yes j & rsquo; s admit I & rsquo; have chosen for the name, without guessing that & rsquo; it would be nice if a little cheating.

For I & rsquo;'ve added over a mattifying top coat Essie home, that & rsquo; a recent fan varnish m & rsquo; he did discover a few weeks ago (on sale at the Manucurist in Paris). The result is astonishing, it looks like pastry frosting, j & rsquo; have mini lightning instead of fingers, j & rsquo; adooooore !

Voilà… Now you hate me !!


Today & rsquo; hui no mood my p & rsquo; tits friends, but a project that has been brewing for a while and I can finally reveal.
With modepass was organized operation with an owl Home Stone and a small group of French and foreign bloggers : A jacket brand has traveled the world for each one & rsquo; do between us some pictures with. For the pleasure of showing how each plans to carry, for the pleasure d & rsquo; donning a jacket knowing that & rsquo; s & we will all rsquo; donning, to participate in a fun project that has a great story.

You will be able follow here the journey of this jacket, and photos of 12 bloggers who participated in the & rsquo; operation.

– Veste home Stone, sticky headband and shorts H&M, escarpins Chantal Thomas vintage –
See the photos in larger

This jacket m & rsquo; immediately recalled costumes Michael Jackson, especially at the shoulders c & rsquo; that's why & rsquo; m & it rsquo; rained. J & rsquo; have decided to wear that so put it totally worth : with dark clothes that highlight the. And to contrast j & rsquo; took out my blue green head little girl and my red shoes with sequins to give a little bit of everything punch.

Monday, will be the turn of’Anne so, after that, the jacket will tour the & rsquo; Europe and US…

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