I am one big flemmasse, I not telling you anything… My absolute delight c & rsquo; is stay in bed until Saturday morning & rsquo; an hour indecent : I wake up gently, I m & rsquo; stretches, You baaaaaîîîlle, I look happily the alarm clock that n & rsquo; has not rung for me, the cat comes to claim her dose of hugs and snuggles into my arms under the covers, I daydream looking at the ceiling… Then j & rsquo; grabs a book and I & rsquo; waiting patiently for my fiance to return from his pharmacy at 15h with increasing, only there, I deign to release a toe my little cozy bed. Hmmmmm just d & rsquo; thinking, Saturday strongly !

And what relation with the title, you will see c & rsquo; is very con, trèèèès with, some will even scream I hear d & rsquo; here.

J & rsquo; like so much that my bed every morning, when that damn alarm clock rings like a home, je me dis : rhaaaa if I & rsquo; had the flu I could stay warm with a hot water bottle, my cat, and my fiancé am preparing a soup with love. Because here, I'm sick EVER, and at worst when I'm j & rsquo; just have a crappy little bursts that rots me the day without allowing me to stay pieutée. Oui je sais, I l & rsquo; told, I hear you, when ill was l & rsquo; & rsquo impression that; we will die, you breathe with your mouth, they had nightmares and it looks like Darth Vader without the helmet, but I & rsquo; nothing can be, j & rsquo; think about every morning. Limit if j & rsquo; do not want to lick the underground bar to catch those pesky germs that shun me for years.

Ok ok j’arrête, it gets yucky… But seriously it never goes through your head that kind of stuff ?