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While in Melbourne, we made a quick getaway on the great ocean road.

A road trip in two days & rsquo; Victoria state, towards the & rsquo; Ocean, its breathtaking coastline, Koalas, walibis and other kangaroos.

The trip was quite nice in itself : along the & rsquo; ocean with a few stops to right to left to explore surf shops, eat a delicious fish & chips or feel the sea breeze. The wind was fresh, and quite amazing scenery : straddling the French Pacific coast and Brittany, amusing !

It was a first long stop in a rather special place : un eco lodge, where they study the fauna and flora and caring Australian wildlife injured by traffic accidents and dog attacks.

One can stay the night (this allows to raise money because this place does not receive grant othing), and have a drink at sunset watching kangaroos walking near his window.

There also make wilderness walks and listen to & rsquo; s talk intarrissable Shayne & rsquo; environment.

C & rsquo; is a great place to see animals, j & rsquo;'m always afraid it's a little circus in & rsquo; abroad when we discover local wildlife, but now j & rsquo; s loved & rsquo; approach.

So we learned a lot about our friends marsupials, and funny way to live. These are small but fascinating strange animals. Australians have a pretty fun way to talk of marsupial babies : they call them “joey”. The British played by landing large lazy out there, and have not trampled to name the little of each species. So we have “koalas joeys” “kangaroo joeys”, etc… Too cute.

We had the chance & rsquo; approach a little baby koala who was to care & rsquo; eco lodge, it n & rsquo; her mom was more. They have a way of moving very strange : they move like human babies, but sooooo slowly. Their fur is d & rsquo; incredibly soft, j & rsquo; have a little fade…

Then, we drove up & rsquo; d Port Campbell & rsquo; when we went to see the 12 Apostles, these rocks carved by the waves of force along the Victorian coast. Lucky we are, we're approached by helicopter, then on foot to explore some caves that line the beaches.

Some addresses :

Great ocean eco lodge : to discover the fauna and flora Australian, spend a quiet night…
Wye General Store & Café : a small really nice restaurant at the edge of & rsquo; Ocean.

To finish, and as the issue has been repeatedly raised in the comments, I want to explain a little about how s & rsquo; is organized and takes place this trip.

One m & rsquo; has repeatedly questioned the & rsquo; objectivity (knowing that I am invited to Australia), cheerfully calling me sold here and there…

J & rsquo; have made several trips that I & rsquo; have told on this blog. Trips that m & rsquo; were sometimes offered : Antwerp, Valence, l & rsquo; Ireland. D & rsquo; other organized and paid by me : Bali, New York, the Polynesia…

J & rsquo; you try to account for these trips in the most natural and honest way possible, and I think treat these two types of travel in the same way. I find fairly consistent approach with a blog, because for me it & rsquo; is a field where we share experiences.

Know that I don & rsquo; not trying to make you swallow snakes, if I say that I & rsquo; love, c & rsquo; is that I & rsquo; love, I never force myself to talk about anything, and & rsquo; organism that made us from the Australia & rsquo; fully understood. I do allows me to criticism when I think it is really worth to warn you (I travel for me, as for those that & rsquo; m is & rsquo; offers).