Ouch ouch ouch I trèèèèèès late for you to talk about it, but to paraphrase granny “better late than never !” Those who follow me on twitter already know but for others, MEA culpa, I have not yet spoken of this great time that I & rsquo; spent last week for Grazia magazine ! (In this post you will find some of my pictures but also some taken by Adeline which took quite a blow d & rsquo; eye that day !)

We were met Louise, Typhaine, Adeline, Stephanie, Vanessa & Kevin and I for a small meeting of the group very friendly makeover studio “the little bird will come out”. C & rsquo; is Vanessa who had the & rsquo; idea of ​​this session, a nice initiative and a great time spent together.

I must say that everything was at the appointment : bloggers like j & rsquo; always like to meet, a great dud cabinet (Vanessa had plundered press offices), a hairdresser with onions and creative super, a photographer super cool and relaxed, a super pro makeup artist and super nice (thank you Morgane), and a mascot with a super boils j & rsquo; have appointed “Fat” the dog d & rsquo; Antonin photographer.


Adeline, super concentrated !


“Fat” the mascot of the day

C & rsquo; is the first time that I & rsquo; much appreciate the pampering : my hair n & rsquo; have never been so pampered, c & rsquo; was bliss. While cascading curls do not take that & rsquo; one second 12 my hair stiff hypra, it m & rsquo; was good to see them like that for once. J & rsquo; looked with great & rsquo; feel the sublime red hair Tiphaine and Louise m & rsquo; gave coloring cravings…



It is well pampered ^^


Vanessa is being done to d & rsquo; incredible loops (photo Adeline Rapon)


My hair on top of their form in the capable hands of Christophe Ortega (photo Adeline Rapon).


The red curls of Typhaine… Rhaaaa !

But I gossiped, I gossiped and I still have not explained the principle of the day ! We had to relook the other one : Adeline had to concoct me a look and I like to Tiphaine. I thought it was great fun to see how our different styles if were going to mix… And I don & rsquo; was not disappointed the trip : Adeline m & rsquo; had concocted an outfit pretty rock mini dress with faux leather American apparel, une veste Apple & Milk, some of his necklaces, heeled sneakers and Mellow Yellow, Cherry on the cake, a small cap Miss San. Not exactly what I & rsquo; s & rsquo have; usually wear, c & rsquo; was quite amusing to see me dressed !



The hairstyle concocted by Christophe on an idea d & rsquo; Adeline (photos Adeline aussi :))


Clothing designed by Adeline (photos Adeline, encore :))

J & rsquo my side; Typhaine wanted to see in a fairly formal dress, because you never see too sapped. A small evening dress and a sublime bolero embroidered H&M later, I l & rsquo; sent them to the hairdresser for a sauerkraut which it n & rsquo; s & rsquo had not; habit. She was so cute… Everything was him anyway, tssss !


A last throw of lacquer and c & rsquo; left ! (Photo Adeline)


Typhaine and Antonin open shooting ^^


Went a bit serious !


Makeover by Louise Typhaine (Photo Adeline).

We finished in the saps that we wanted for a big group photo that should be worth its weight in peanuts, I can not wait to see it !! (the magazine due out in 1 apparently month).


With a coat see by chloé sublime and brilliant H collection&M garden for a group photo


+ details : the little blue shorts, when that & rsquo; it comes out, it is moiiiii !!!


Stephanie (dans son super T-shirt Vivienne Westwood) with large just before the group photo (Photo Adeline).


Adeline and look cool :) (photo Typhaine)


Louise, still sublime (Photo Adeline)


Everyone is ready for a group photo ! (photo Typhaine)


With lil “fat” (Photo Adeline)