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Twiggy – Paula Perez

Little graphic interlude ! J & rsquo; did a small collection for curioos site that publishes very cool creations. All the images you see here come from my initial selection (which unfortunately are not all for sale), j & rsquo; spent hours on the site to linger, c & rsquo; is super well done.

Nothing in all this trading course, j & rsquo; just did a little work curation because the project appealed to me (and then ha ha d & rsquo; was flattered to pass after Fubiz).


I remember the day when I & rsquo; met Camille. She had come to show me his book in & rsquo; agency where I work, any young girl, so cute, with the enthusiasm that characterizes graduates. J & rsquo; really liked his world, his sketches, collages and experiments.

She just redo its website and it is really chewable. It takes the form of & rsquo; a dollhouse to visit, l & rsquo; editing in the room, the graphics in the bathroom, photography in the garage.

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Camille site :
His small shop : Cloudy cream


As someone & rsquo; a remark made to me a few days ago in the comments, I have not shown you my little Wedding Invitations. And c & rsquo; is stupid because it n & rsquo; is not especially secret d & rsquo; state !

One of our witnesses, which has more that & rsquo; a good pencil stroke m & rsquo; helped realize my crazy ideas, I wanted a small sketch Vianney and me, and find a way to tell a little already in the marriage & rsquo; ask invitation history decor : tell the little wood, imagine a fairytale world that combines everyday objects and small wild Nature.

Mon adorable fiancé wrote the texts and some long evenings later I was spinning in the & rsquo; printer ! C & rsquo; remained single, there were too many colors to do something other than digital without j & rsquo; have to sell one of my kidneys.

And history d & rsquo; & rsquo go up, and after in my delirium I & rsquo;'ve even had personalized stamps on the job site to send pretty envelopes, that I & rsquo; have passed one by one in my printer to d & rsquo; write beautifully addresses. C & rsquo; was moving all these little blue envelopes…

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*J & rsquo; have changed the cardboard information for obvious reasons !