For a small gourmet stop in the middle d & rsquo; an afternoon shopping j & rsquo; have a new little trick : Ladurée tea salon in Spring. It n & rsquo; is not all brand new again, but recent enough to not be systematically crowded and it c & rsquo; is pretty neat.

L & rsquo; space is pretty amazing because once properly seated in bottom d & rsquo; one of his sofas, one does not feel one second in a department store and it c & rsquo; is awfully nice !

Small tip in addition to the one who read my notes up & rsquo; after : after taking a good tea, we leave the spring at the intersection of Boulevard Haussmann and Rue Charras towards the small H&M hid the passage of Provence. C & rsquo; is where I unearth all my little wonders ;)