My dealer s & rsquo; calls Margaux, she lives in Philadelphia. She m & rsquo; sent a large package of very good stuff last week : a packet of 300 while during Pops.

Margaux I t & rsquo; love ?? 0-0 ??

For those who do not know these little wonders, the while during Pops are tiny lollipops eccentric perfume. My favorites : cotton candy, watermelon, coconut, butterscotch (pancake syrup), and strawberry pie. Ha ha I see you eyes wide open : yep c & rsquo; is too good. In the bizarre but delicious flavors found also : root beer, cream soda et bubble gum. I am preparing my beautiful little caries…

With this arrival you think that since I deale. If you cross me there may well be that I & rsquo; cached some in my bag and that I & rsquo; distributes to more smiling :) Meet at the 90's !




He he… You don & rsquo; have not finished d & rsquo; eat of my articles on London (this one is at least appetizing), I still have a few things to show you and promise, after c & rsquo; is over :)

But impossible to return to London without pretty greedy pictures or bags filled to the brim with delicious small things at Marks & Spencer (such as marshmallow bites + candied cherries + chocolate-coated cereals…). Since the time I you rehashing : London c & rsquo; is the culinary paradise, good fruit and vegetables, sweets and colorful pastries. Tttttt I do not want to hear you, forget the clichés : oysters soaked in milk, leg of lamb with mint or small pea suspects…
[imagebrowser id=255] My delight when I go to London c & rsquo; is (after shopping) de me gaver. Buy from a delicious Carrot Cake inimitable icing or a scone with cream Confectioner & cook, milk chocolate with cookies Ben’s cookies, des cupcakes red velvet chez Hummingbird bakery (when I'm not too lazy, I'm going up & rsquo; to primrose bakery, my favorite for cupcakes). Yuuuuuuummy as they say !
[imagebrowser id=256] But above all, s & rsquo; there is indeed something I never breaks London c & rsquo; is breakfast : Full English Breakfast the first day, then when I am tired of so much fat, I turn to yoghurt with fresh fruit, smoothies, pancakes and other organic muesli. Since Nadia m & rsquo; has given & rsquo; address, I camp in Breakfast club in soho : delicious, warm environment, and cheap. But I never make a trip to London without at least once Inn the park I always find delicious and so well located (le St James park).

Hey hééééé now I let you return to your cornflakes ;)

fudge coco

This little wonder if you are looking for, c & rsquo; is the fudge coconut…



Rhoo I realize that I speak all the time of sweets right now :
apples d & rsquo; love, des cupcakes, milk shake of peanut butter, and even cupcakes… I did that & rsquo; a nasty little greedy :p

But you want, when m & rsquo; send an email offering me everything nice to receive at my madeleines, tea and chocolate in pretty boxes of girls I say yes. It changes me the usual press releases bursts Bathrooms for briefs and other rollerblade (note the perfect targeting with my blog !). Ahhhh, finally someone & rsquo; one that m & rsquo; has understood, j & rsquo; have responded to this proposal in the second (what do you mean ? Moi, addicted to my email ?).

And the little package arrived quickly. What can I say except that these products are a marvel : packaging très boudoir (that of the madeleines I & rsquo; love), vocabulary working with finesse to the product names (“my little madeleine”, “shocked”, “Wonderland Tea”), and exquisite flavors with return ( praline chocolate n & rsquo; has not required 5 minutes).

[imagebrowser id=163]

Et là, I'll take a ride on Online Store : Hiiiiiiii c & rsquo; is so pretty ! I'm just Em-ba-TThhee ! Right now I don & rsquo; have more desire that large p & rsquo; and the sublime tits butters based.

Well like say, toi, yes you, the little guy who reads this blog pink sugar to understand better your girlfriend, j & rsquo; have a tip for you. If your sweet n & rsquo; is not in the plan, ordering him small treats and let him deliver them to her, something tells me you're going to be the king of oil ! Go over, this is a shortcuts to the shop.