Monday night with my Copinettes Anne-so, Ge and Sophie s it & rsquo; is satisfied with me for a little cupcake party. It's been months that & rsquo; s we wanted to & rsquo; have a little fun with all our kitchen equipment girly and funny : cookie cutters, colorants, Coloured sugars, icing, vermicelli… We had seen some examples of glazes and carved flatly we wanted to rub this exercise (those there has definitely inspired us).

On a utilisé le royal icing acheté au Mark’s & Spencer Saturday, mixed with a little icing sugar and dye it became dough. L & rsquo; s cooking workshop & rsquo; is then transformed into kindergarten activity : each chose his colors, its small forms, I believe even have whined because I & rsquo; had missed my blue (the cupcake rainbow).

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With : GS is a true champion, her cupcakes are the most successful : the small sun, l & rsquo; star who smiles, cupcake on purple background, and the stunning volcano.


Rhooo that I & rsquo; was all proud (and I still am actually).

This was more & rsquo; a year I n & rsquo; had not done something & rsquo; other than pasta in my kitchen (Mr. manages all too well in my place), j & rsquo; was pleasantly surprised that I & rsquo; was not that zero !

En plus, m & rsquo; buying this book for cute little fairy cakes make, I m & rsquo; d had sworn & rsquo; & rsquo try; prepare before the end of the & rsquo; year, what I & rsquo; did the in extremis 31 December, ouééé class !

J & rsquo; had cracked my pants a few days before buying full of beautiful decorations in the shape of & rsquo; stars, sugar beads, du vermicelle, food colorings, small silicone molds, of piping bags…

The funny fact, because & rsquo; a time before all this I was less clever.

It s & rsquo; oddly is found, one cake burned, in fact completely burnt, but alone, others were perfect, my oven is a little rascal ! Then, frosting recipe in my book was just a big joke : 200g icing sugar + one tablespoon d & rsquo; hot water… But of course, there was a small problem converting c & rsquo; is certain.

But despite all these adventures j & rsquo; there arrived, and they don & rsquo; were not even my ugly cupcakes, still Jolia with color glaze malabar, and full of various decorations because of course, like a kid j & rsquo; I wanted to try everything… It has even begun to sort by color vermicelli with my sister, equipped d & rsquo; tweezers, I don & rsquo; have not finished yet but not far !

The cake was great success : a mixture to really perfect vanilla, par contre, my frosting was a little nauseating, I n & rsquo; there was not gone punches ! I will do better and prettier next time, though some have addresses and tips go !

– Robe portobello road market, apron anthropologie, vernis O.P.I (in monop) –

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