Voilà voilà, l & rsquo; winter took a little d & rsquo; advance, finished doing malignant in little shorts, j & rsquo; took out all my good warm peels of & rsquo; winter. I am again a small onion : longshoreman + T-shirt Heat tech manches courtes + T-shirt Heat tech manche longues + cashmere sweater with holes + cashmere vest en raccommodé + thick woolen vest. But I assure you it will I breathe.

And occasionally, to remind me that under all those layers there is a girl, I put heels, voilà ! And I stick me in pluuuuus above as you can see. My pleasure not to contemplate the people nostrils, c & rsquo; not bad to 15cm more :)

But I assure you, it take me a day and we didn & rsquo; it takes more ! And I go back like everyone to taff-lined boots !

To immortalize this wonderful onion look, je suis allée Pretend to reading a big book in my grandparents bibli, because in this segment there are a front and a brain. And Pouêt !

– Stilts Asos, Zara Vests, socks Tabio, H tights&M –

Ok c & rsquo; is true it looks like I'm in cabinets…