Sing hallelujah ! Sing it ! Yeaaah Sing halleluuuuu ! Sing hallelujaaaaaaah ! Whooo c & rsquo; soon the next evening We are the 90’s and this time c & rsquo; is a pretty crazy thing a mini dance machine with guests and all the trimmings. Will Dr Alban and downright Haddaway, What this loooove !

For the & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity j; took out my little dress so 90 American apparel & rsquo; s and d & rsquo; have added this denim jacket are offered by a girlfriend (that soon empty dressing crazy d & rsquo; otherwise I will tell you this). J & rsquo; have also excavated about me for once, by spending hours before AB1 watching honey and bees to remind myself of those years.


I then remembered the hair of & rsquo; time : the wick ! Yes you had to have super long hair and put them all d & rsquo; one side taking care all day to recover them back to the right, à gauche, on the right, à gauche. So I'll do the same, hi hi !!!


For those who want to go jiggle like me on Dr Alban, you can book your tickets here. And for ptits looks 90 & rsquo; sya stuff at american apparel and at H&M (of fluorescent spots like stuff with my dress :)



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