J & rsquo;'ve always had a passion for glasses : evidenced by the large box that contains my collection. J & rsquo; have all colors, all forms, with fake glasses, bottle ass, etc… most come to my family, other various flea markets and in Swedish (I will show you all the one day if you are wise !). In fact j & rsquo;'ve always secretly dreamed of & rsquo; wear… J & rsquo; imagine if I & rsquo; had a sight problem and that I & rsquo; was obliged it would make me laugh right away but now least : it makes me feel like a long time.

And then there are several months j & rsquo; came across a pair & rsquo; Wayfarer imitations at Urban Outfitters in the first modepass trip in London. Owl without correction glasses, I can really wear them like that ! I try…And decrees that it makes me a d & rsquo head instutrice stuck while highlighting my big nose (oui, I know…but he has a bump and I'm there on a fixette). And I based…

More a subtle girl makes shopping with me that day is more clever, she tries, and decides to buy. Even better, and it bears the n & rsquo; no fear of ridicule… I regret, I regret, I regret ! J & rsquo; seeks, looking, looking !! But I don & rsquo; found none. Up & rsquo; to this small trip in Antwerp I found my love at Urban : I took them and greenhouse already against my heart (oh yes it will, I found it pretty as sentence).

J & rsquo; have been a good week before & rsquo; dare to go out with, but when I finally decided I don & rsquo; was not disappointed. I am small (dimension classified defense secrets), with good cheeks and big blue eyes, j & rsquo; s & have always had rsquo; & rsquo air; a girl. With my new friends j & rsquo; s & rsquo have; air & rsquo; a lady, and not n & rsquo; any one : an author, a psy, a doctor, a sharp journalist…etc… Parade Dice Kayek a student m & rsquo mode; even asked lots of information like I'm an expert graaaaande fashion. J’A-DO-RE !

Not only that delights me, but in addition it gives me & rsquo; air & lsquo; achement more serious serious, reflexive, intelligent (so let me dream). Some will find it ridiculous, tant pis, but I just found THE accessory !